Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 44 Part 1

Chapter 44: The Company and The Slave (1)

I settled the business negotiations quite quickly. However, it was still morning.

Shall I go hunting?

No. It was somewhat nice to have a full day of free time before the logging began.

I thought about having a company of my own in this world. Therefore, I could use my free time to finish the establishment of the company and that could take some time.

First, I had to hire a chief or a manager for the company.

That was why hiring people and preparing the equipment was important, since they would help me profit in the end.

If I had time to run it myself, it would be more profitable. But I had no time since I had to fight monsters or carry luggage.

To that end, it was necessary to secure excellent, reliable, and presidential candidates who could throw away common sense.

Hmm. It was a difficult task.

I did not think that it would be easy to get one excellent person without connections.

But I had one power to get that said person.

Money. Yes, money was power.

Of course, spending too much money in order to make money could be overwhelming, but considering the amount I had earned so far, I thought that some spending would not pose a problem.

However, regardless of the monsters and food, where did they sell human resources?

Would it be a slave trader? Or it may be the Commerce Guild?

I was sure that talented people in the brain sense lacked not only in this world but also in Earth, even if the slaves were simple workers.

In the first place, they wouldn’t be slaves if they were talented people. Right?

Speaking of which, Photoren had Maple Catherine.

Should I ask Catherine while evaluating the situation?

Okay, I’ve decided what to do.

I jumped over the fence and left the city.

I ran up and flew in the sky while strengthening my magical armor.

Unlike the time of the exam, I flew in a straight line, so the speed increased in a blink of an eye.

From my experience of cutting trees, I thought it was probably okay if I accidentally exceeded the speed of sound and received a shock wave at this strength.

There should be less damage to the surroundings; or rather, only the monsters could receive damage from me, I suppose.

I accelerated away from the road with all my strength.

Between Photoren and Decibator stood a relatively narrow land surrounded by the sea. Photoren’s boundary was right beside that land, so I wouldn’t get lost.

I also wanted to avoid personal injury.

I could see some monsters here and there, but I didn’t have to worry about them. I didn’t want to get involved in a fight, at least, not right now since I had other priorities.

The acceleration of the straight line was tremendous. Perhaps, it took less than five minutes to reach the perimeter of Photoren.

It continued to accelerate, and then, something happened when I was about three times faster than usual before reaching Photoren.

The ground in the vicinity cracked with a “bang” sound.

At the same time, my acceleration stopped.

Some kind of monster that was within the range of my advanced radar and moved sideways unnaturally, or perhaps, I blew it away.

It was a little noisy and I didn’t accelerate anymore, but there were no other problems.

I flew while scattering a roaring sound and shock waves.

It would be very convenient if I could fulfill a subjugation request just by doing this quick journey with great speed, but unfortunately, I did not know if the monster was dead or not.

For example, it could be like a falling meteorite in the huge country of Russia. How could people know if there were injuries or deaths if a meteorite fell in the vast land of Russia?

It took less than an hour for me to arrive at Photoren.

Of course, I slowed down before approaching Photoren.

It was not good to accidentally kill an innocent person. I also didn’t want to become a bandit.

Well then, I left this place yesterday, but it did feel like it was a long time ago.

First, should I visit the magic tool store?

When I checked the Guild card while walking, the area where I checked, in other words, the subjugation history, appeared the Black Wolf.

The Black Wolf was probably vulnerable to shock waves.

I arrived at the magic tool store. It felt cleaner than when I came last time.

Did she clean it?

Upon entering the store, I noticed that Catherine was playing with a reddish magic stone with quite a serious face.

After a little while, Catherine released her hand from the magic stone, and I talked to her.

「Hi. 」

「…Ah, hello. 」

「Yeah. How are you doing? 」

「I’m fine. I was making a magic stone for the barrier, since I sold the last ones I made. It looks like I done it well.」

I thought she didn’t make any magic tools since the last time I was here, but I was wrong.

Was it easy to make magic tools? Was there a shortage of supplies?

「I see. Are you making money? 」

「Except for my salary, I am depositing the money in the Commerce Guild. I was going to inform you when you came here.」

「Is that so? Then continue to do so…Is that the magic stone of the barrier? 」

「Yes, this time I made a magic stone that costs about 20,000 Tael each. I think the price will increase to 100,000 if you use it as a magic tool.」

It was definitely a magic stone bigger than a crab.

At 100,000 Tael, it could limit the places where it would be usable.

It only amounted to two trees in Decibator.

「Can you use the magic stone of the barrier for battle? Doesn’t make sense if you can’t attack even if you’re not attacked, right?」

「If you use magic, you can attack from inside the barrier. It seems people use it to protect the rearguard wizard.」

Instead of magical armor, huh.

It seemed convenient for other people, but it was too troublesome for me to use it.

「Well, do your best. By the way, I want to create a company, but first I want to hire a merchant of sorts to do chief tasks. Where should I go?」

「Do you want to create a company? If so, then I think you should go to the Commerce Guild. What are you going to sell?」

「I thought it would be profitable to carry monster materials from Decibator. If there’s anything else that’s profitable, then I’m going to do it.」

「Ah yes, you have an item box. If it’s just to operate a shop like this one, you must find a slave trader, but if you want to leave management and other elements of the company to someone skilled, then the Commerce Guild is the better choice.」

「Can you trust the people in the Commerce Guild?」

It would be a problem if they took away my goods or money.

「Well, you can trust them if you use the magical contract. It costs about 50,000 Tael because the magic stone is disposable.」

Huh, what? That was quite sudden, but that was good news.

In a sense, the most difficult item that one could trust solved with a single tree.

「Okay, I will check it now. Keep doing your best.」

I said goodbye to Catherine and left the store to enter the Commerce Guild.

To be continued…

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