A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Precious Scars

“…What a selfish, reckless, and foolish person.”

Filaret shook her black eyes as she muttered involuntarily. After losing his consciousness, Filaret lifted Lugis, who had fallen in the garden, along with Caria. Not even a small amount of power remained in his body. Lugis’ body was quite heavy. His limbs swayed in the air as if they were relaxed.

But for Filaret, it was a pleasant weight.

Of course, she wouldn’t lean her body against him unless it was strictly necessary. Lugis always tried to move forward with his own legs, as if he avoided leaning on someone else. He never made others feel the weight of his body. That’s why, right now, Lugis’ weight felt strangely comfortable for Filaret.

「Sorceress… No. Filaret, can you heal the body of this fool?」

「Yes, Caria. Of course…with every ounce of power.」

“A fool, she said”. The words that Caria naturally leaked from her lips were no different from what Filaret felt for Lugis. Filaret nodded since they were exactly the same this time.

“He relies on us and pretends to share the danger with us, but in the end, he chooses the most scarring path.” Filaret involuntarily put her hand on his cheek. A number of small scars were on his cheeks, and his complexion was even faint of blood. A pale complexion. Filaret wondered if he had lost a lot of blood. Not only that. His shoulders and left arm were no longer intact. Broken bones and large lacerations. Perhaps the bones of his whole body squeaked when he crashed into the flesh-looking beast from the second floor.

“Really, what a foolish person. What a hateful person.” Filaret moved her hand from Lugis’ cheek down to his heart and placed her hand directly on his skin.

“I am glad he relied on me this time.” Filaret’s chest bounced with joy and her cheeks loosened. That fact made her want to get closer to him.

“But in the end, Lugis doesn’t want us to get hurt. He will never tell us to bear the price together.”

“It hurts, it truly hurts my chest. If we are comrades, and if we are traveling together, then it’s our duty to share all the pain, the wounds, and suffering. There’s no doubt about it. But Lugis keeps doing everything by himself. He says we are his comrades, but he keeps getting hurt. It would be okay if he shared his suffering with us.”

“Ahh, I would even love if you shared your scars with me. Even though I’m willing to be scarred for life and have pride about it, all you do is hurting yourself. You’re truly a selfish and horrible person, Lugis.” Filaret’s black hair swayed in the darkness.

She pressed her hand against his body and created a magical technique. Filaret’s mind remembered what she did before. The underground temple of the Heraldic Order, when she used the magical power of the treasure sword. Filaret had never had such an unbelievable experience before. Therefore, she decided to manifest it here once again. “Let’s recreate the scene of that day once again. It shall be an easy thing to do. Because maybe now is the time to use that torrent of magical power.”

“The truth is. The crucible of magical power was supposed to be dedicated to Lugis and help him. Still, the pillar of green light kept illuminating the cityscape of Belfein. I will put all of that power to restore Lugis’ body. I will heal him for sure.”

Filaret did not want to leave any regrets. Originally, she intended to dedicate this magical power to Lugis, and without any regrets, she vowed to refine his body here again.

“That’s what I can do as his comrade.” Filaret thought so, while raising her eyebrows and twisting her lips. Unknowingly, her gaze turned to Caria, who stood beside her, for a short moment.

“Caria is a strong person. Surely, her strength also gave power to Lugis. Her spirituality and her swordsmanship, and the presence of a sophisticated soul, would undoubtedly help lift Lugis’ spirits. That’s something I can’t do.”

“I am someone who has a weak spirit and soul and can only rely on him in a way that probably burdens him. My strength cannot give power to Lugis.” Every time such thoughts went through Filaret’s mind, she felt her chest squeezing. Filaret knew that she lacked in so many aspects that almost made her an ugly person.

“That’s why. In terms of magic, no, in the world of magic, I do not intend to stay behind anyone. Otherwise, I will lose the right to be with Lugis. There’s no way that I will let go of the happiness I have in being together with him.”

“That’s unacceptable. Absolutely, no matter what happens.”

“Then, let’s put all my talent of magic for healing. I will help Lugis with every possible means.”

Distorted. When asked if her feelings were sound, there was no way Filaret could nod honestly. She understood long ago that the emotions that swirled in her chest were somehow distorted.

Still, she couldn’t let go of that feelings and she didn’t want to lose them. “I mustn’t be afraid, and I mustn’t give up. I must, with this hand, do the impossible like I did before.”

Filaret’s fingertips emitted the green light. A dense fusion of magical powers. Filaret ordered the existence of a magic that should not have occurred when she began to open her eyes.

Lugis’ wounds were too deep. Therefore, Filaret decided to use a strong portion of magical power as a substitute for blood vessels. His lines of muscles and skin were not merged together too. Then, what she needed to do was knit the body with the thread of magical power. The nerves were torn and no longer connected. Filaret decided to create new organs.

“It feels as if I am dreaming. A magical technique that is far more advanced than the restoration work that I did back in the underground temple. Back then, it was possible to achieve. But, this time, it feels way more complex. Like the magical theory of the dream itself.”

Every time a magical theory came to Filaret’s mind and got written on the parchment of her skull, her fingertips immediately put it into practice.

“As a Sorceress, there is no other pleasure”, thought Filaret. Then, as an individual, there was no more joy than refining Lugis’ with her own hands.

The magical power stored in Belfein. A mass of magical power that could vanish an entire city. Filaret poured some of that magical power into the beast made of flesh, but now, she decided to pour all the rest of that magic to restore Lugis’ body. The green light at the hands of Filaret became darker and denser.

Filaret heard a distorted sound in the back of her ears. A terribly immoral, disturbing sound. Filaret’s cheeks shook unintentionally.

Probably the sound that scarred her soul. She did not know the reason or the cause and effect, but ah, even so, Filaret naturally nodded in the depths of her heart.

Filaret understood that she was now doing something that was irreparable. But despite knowing that, she felt comfortable somehow. Filaret realized that she was finally able to get hurt for Lugis’ sake.

Right when Filaret’s magic exhausted itself after the green magical power engulfed his whole body…

…She saw a silver flash running in the air at the edge of her eyes. A flash of light about the size of a needle.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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    Filaret admits that she is distorted, but I cannot help but wonder if she was just as distorted in the prior timeline, just in a somewhat different way.

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