A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Failing to Help Him

A flash waved beautifully. Caria’s silver longsword pierced the beast while gouging its blood out of its flesh.

The silver light drew circles in the darkness, causing blood droplets to splash dramatically in the air. The gardens of the Lord’s House, which were once charmingly arranged, were covered with blood and flesh. A terrible smell of rotten meat spread through the area.

Every time the beast’s flesh torn apart and a plethora of blood scattered in the air, the beast made a sound that mimicked a scream. Then, its powerful arms shook many times in the air to destroy those who were hostile.

An unmistakable rigid attack that could wipe the space itself.

…However, the silver longsword knocked down that wrath to the ground.

Caria flashed her long eyelashes, sighing heavily from her lungs.

“I see. Indeed, each blow from that beast is a huge mass of threat. There is no exaggeration to say that each blow is death itself. If the flesh-looking arm hit me directly, then it will definitely crush my body. And if I deviate the tip of my sword even a little bit, it will not be possible for me to handle the slamming force.” Cold sweat rubbed Caria’s spine.

In addition. Caria realized that this beast had an unmistakable anomaly within its body.

She immediately understood when she looked at the wound she made earlier. Newer flesh rose from under the wound with an unbelievable momentum, suppressing the blood from flowing outside. It felt like a healing function of a person but with an unbelievable acceleration rate.

Similarly, the deformed flesh, which Lugis cut earlier, reappeared on its face quite rapidly. Caria distorted her eyebrows involuntarily.

A big sigh leaked again from the depths of Caria’s chest.

It was hard to tell if her slashes were clearly cutting the enemy’s flesh, but Caria knew something, yes, something she did not know whether it made sense. The wounds closed from the inside. Caria remembered the annoying feeling that tightened her viscera.

“Troublesome. It’s really troublesome.” Caria shook her silver hair, wondering if this beast was like a mythical immortal giant.

Nevertheless, no matter how tough this monster was, or if it were an immortal being, it was not the reason to retreat. Caria did not find the reason to give up. Or perhaps, she did not even consider that option. After all, Caria had never had such feeling before, nor once nor twice.

Caria had repeatedly matched her sword with a creature that was much larger than her body. The demon monkey in Ghazalia and the large wild boar in the Forbidden Forest. How many times did she halt her heart? How many times did she bend her knees?

The pride she felt for overcoming those obstacles was now a big pillar in Caria’s chest. The silver longsword in her hand implied that if she got over it once, then it would be easy to get over it again.

In fact, the beast’s blows never touched Caria’s body, but it also did not make her run away. Rather, Caria was the one who controlled this battle.

She had no other reason to reject this fight. Then, Lugis’ words echoed behind Caria’s ears.

…I know it’s an unbelievable story, but I ask you to stay in the front line for a while. Apparently, that thing is a mythical creature. Then, I should prepare a unique way for it to die.

Looking at the cut from the lump of meat that was closing in front of them, Lugis spoke while entrusting the battle to Caria. She immediately looked at the place where he spoke and noticed that he began exchanging words with the Sorceress, no, with Filaret. Caria guessed that he was planning to do something against that beast. Caria could also understand his intentions for her to earn time before fulfilling his scheme.

Caria managed to suppress her lips that were about to distort and stepped out.

The large lump of meat scratched its cheeks. The blow was stiff and brought a distracting wind pressure. In front of such bizarre occurrence, Caria took one-step further.

Caria noticed that her heart was palpitating like never before. Her blood flow was strangely fast and ran throughout her body with great momentum.

“Lugis is again disappearing from my side. But if he’s taking steps to defeat this monster, and if he’s looking for a chance to do so, then I’m sure he will see my current offense and defense actions somewhere. Yes, he must watch me.”

Caria could not stop her lips from gesticulating, and her eyes began to shine brightly. “After all, Lugis is the man who often keeps his eyes away from my battles.”

“At the time of the battle with the wild boar, he disappeared as if he wasn’t interested, even though I told him to look. The same happened with the demon monkey; he eventually disappeared without waiting for me.”

“That’s why, ah, that’s why. How much did I try to shake this emotion off my heart?”

Caria’s exhaled breath became hot. Power filled the hand holding the sword. Fatigue spread throughout her body, but it did not bother her. Only one emotion grew in her heart.

“But, Lugis is watching me now.” Caria did not want to expose any weaknesses. This feeling was bigger than anything she ever experienced before. She was tired of being a merciless woman.

She knew more than anyone else did that she had a terrible personality and excessive conceit. Oh, she clearly understood it.

However. “For this moment only, I will stop kicking myself for acting prideful. I have to make sure my cheeks loosen naturally since there is no choice but to increase my power.”

“I must perform a little better than usual, because I’ve never had such an opportunity before. If it’s the first time, then it’s natural for me to be thrilled and try to act a little stronger. Besides, this is also necessary. Of course, we are comrades, so it’s necessary to fully understand each other’s abilities. Yes, for sure.”

“…So it’s unavoidable to want to show him some of my good points.”

The silver light glittered below the beast. Caria made the silver longsword crawl over its flesh, after driving her hips and twisting her ankles.

There was almost no sound.

The longsword went through the inside of the beast, as if drawing a straight line. Perhaps, even the beast did not understand what had happened.

After a few moments. The beast’s skin and flesh burst and collapsed to the ground.

The rotten meat opened a fissure and spit out the fat and blood that had accumulated inside. The blood scattered all the way through the surroundings as if it were delighted to fly into the sky.

Undoubtedly, that fearsome flash would have been fatal if it were just a demon beast or an animal. A blow that tore away the core of life.

“I want this monster to die here and now. If it dies here, Lugis won’t be able to play with his tricks. If so, then my prowess will attract his attention.”

Suddenly, Caria’s eyebrows raised. Apparently, Caria was not that surprised at the thoughts that appeared in her mind.

Of course, there were times when Lugis had a different reading but misunderstood things. But Caria knew that he often fought bravely despise his wrong calls. In the end, he always triumphed. In the end, he always outshined her. That was why Caria wanted to show her capabilities now. She wanted to shine. Was it that bad to wish for such a thing?

Her silver hair swayed, her lips gently undulated. A big sigh leaked from the inside of her chest. “After all, it’s not just him that often has wrong calls. I’m feeling helpless right now. Really. There is nothing I can do about that thing.”

The rotten flesh of the beast made a disturbing sound from its nodes. It was as if it proclaimed the end of the world. The flesh continued to regenerate despite Caria’s formidable attacks.

The flesh reappeared from the inside of the wound, and the already deformed body got repeatedly repaired. This terrifying regeneration kept forcing the beast to stand up on the stage, forcing it to fight over and over again.

Caria took a small breath for a moment, then twisted her body and pushed her silver longsword towards the beast’s throat. Caria did inflict stabs throughout the beast’s body.

She did not think that its throat was the key point. She did not even think that it would die. However, this lump of meat tended to behave like a living thing in some places. Then, Caria realized that she could gain some advantage if she kept piercing its throat.

The place where Caria directed her foot was no longer in the midst of the perfect beast. She grabbed her sword tight in order to close the gap and inflict more damage on the monster. Caria flickered her eyes strongly since this was the only way of showing her own credibility.

“…I’ll show you now. You stole my victory back then. So I’ll show you what I am capable of. Once I am on the same level as yours, I won’t call you a pebble anymore.”

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