A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Her Last Prayers

The vermilion snake released by the Sorceress crawled through the darkness and thrusted the fangs of fire into the beast’s arm.

The beast’s skin, which comprised of a chunk of meat, burned without resistance. A unique scent ran through the nostrils of Filaret as if fire consumed the human body. Involuntarily, Filaret distorted her black eyes because the scent felt uncomfortable.

“Please, burn and disappear. I just want the heat to erode deep into the flesh and turn this monster into a mass of ashes. Oh, please. Disappear from my sight forever. I can feel the world coming to an end if that terrifying figure remains here.”

Filaret’s inner thoughts felt almost like a prayer. Like praying to God, or praying to the devil. Like everyone did.

“I just pray to the world that my wish will be fulfilled conveniently.” Such a prayer came to Filaret’s mind.

Filaret’s fingertips flickered slightly. Her canines stuck into her lips, as if she witnessed absolute horror. Her legs no longer moved as if a chain of fear tied them on the spot. The wall covering the corridor collapsed completely and the wind struck her cheeks.

*roaring sound*

A fierce sound echoed from the lump of meat wrapped in flames. A sound in desperation to avoid the flames. Nevertheless, it did not emit a voice. That sound was not even human screams, suffering from the flames.

That beast had no throat. It had no vocal cords. A beast made by a pile of meat, just like clay work, did not have any vitality like living things. What was that sound? Just inside the body of meat, a collection of sounds like flesh, bones, and blood, moaned.

That beast tried to imitate living things by force. However, it was no longer an existence that could be easily expressed with words such as frightening or hideous.

The screaming noise made Filaret’s heart palpitations increase more and more. Her blood flow ran through her whole body without rest. The tension crawled on her skin and made her breath rough. A voice grew louder in Filaret’s heart.

“Burn. I just want you to burn out. If you want to imitate living things, then you must scream as people caught in fire. You should die just like every other living things. That’s all. Just dissipate from this world once and for all.”

At the end of Filaret’s line of sight filled with heat, the beast’s flesh clung to the flames. Its arm swung up high…despite being burn at a tremendous speed. The whole space oscillated as if it was a different dimension. The destination of its arm was undoubtedly Filaret herself. Filaret’s brain professed the following words instinctively.

“It is useless. Even the snake of fire, yes, even the heat of fire that consumes its whole body, cannot stop the breath of that monster. No, it’s not too late to move my dull legs.”

Filaret’s brain was giving strong orders. “Run away, show your back and leave this place.” However, although Filaret’s trembling legs forced to stand up on the corridor, they could not move anymore to escape swiftly.

After all, Filaret was just a girl except that she could use magic. She did not have the courage to move her feet in the face of overwhelming violence, nor the recklessness to challenge it. She was just a girl. Just a girl.

Therefore, she could only wish and pray after encountering so much difficulty. Yes, that was…

“…This must be the limit and the end of Filaret La Volgograd.”

The flesh-filled and terrifying arms of the horrid beast approached Filaret despite engulfed in flames. In a short moment, that arm would devour Filaret and make her a portion of its flesh. Her ominous future passed through her mind like a flash.

Nonetheless. Her black eyes, which stared at the lump of meat, were now showing a small sparkle behind it. Her sigh leaked slightly. The magical power made a noise and drew a whirlpool into the palm of Filaret’s hand. She could not afford to invoke a vermilion snake now. She had no calmness in her spirit, as she was not able to chant freely. What she could do was limited. Therefore, Filaret focused only on the accumulation of magical power.

“I’m sure I will die. There is no way that a human like myself will survive the strike of that monster’s arm. I am about to be crushed by a lump of meat.” Filaret clearly understood her fate.

“That’s why. I don’t want to waste my last moments alive for prayers and wishes.” Pale tears filled Filaret’s eyes. She desperately closed her lips and forcibly trapped her sobbing into her mouth.

“Ah, that’s right. I think I denied it myself. I have just stepped out of the shell where I kept wishing for a different life. A desired life where I wanted to pray to God for my happiness. Even though I knew it would be useless.”

From an early age, Filaret knew that praying was meaningless. How many times have she prayed in her despised daily life? How many times did she wish humiliation would stop? How many times have she felt countless nausea?

Did those prayers ever work?

Filaret prayed as if she were a weak person, as if she needed strength, as if she needed salvation. As if she believed that doing so would eventually save her.

“It’s foolish. Yes, how ridiculous. A world where prayers are everything is a world that does not recognize people’s efforts. It is a world that denies me, a person who is hard working as I try to walk forward.” Filaret could not accept such world. She could not tolerate it no matter what.

“Therefore, praying for me is the end. Until the end, I will do as much as I can.” Filaret unknowingly pressed her lips. She realized that this was the last moment before the light of her life was extinguished. And she was happy with herself by thinking that way.

Filaret’s fingertips intensified the green light luminescence, and it irradiated a strong light when it caught the arm of the lump of meat. A burst of magical power. Although she could not handle the enormous magical power that flew in her, she could just turn it around and release. The muddy stream of magical power was capable of blowing off several horses at ease, so Filaret expected it to do the same for the lump of meat.

The magical green light flashed in the darkness.

After a few moments. Filaret’s lips leaked her last sigh.

“…No good. Of course, it would not work.”

It seemed that the muddy stream of magical power that Filaret invoked with the shape of a vortex was able to push back the powerful arm of the flesh-looking beast. However, that was all. The abominable beast did not lose its body at all, and made a terrifying sound once again.

“I don’t have the mental power to escape, let alone the art of confronting it myself.”

“Oh, I see. Everything was in vain. What I thought was for Lugis; in conclusion, I was only shortening my own life. I thought I was doing great. I thought that I would succeed by doing it my own way.”

“But it’s better than not doing anything at all. It feels much better. I’m sure Lugis would praise me if he knew that I did my very best.” Filaret thought so while narrowing her eyes.

The arm of the beast, which was pushed back by the momentum of the magical power, approached Filaret’s body in order to devour her existence. Her black hair did not even move anymore…

…Jump, Filaret. Don’t take a break.

A very mysterious feeling. Filaret’s legs, which did not seem to move, were kicking the floor almost unintentionally the moment she heard those words.

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