A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 166

Chapter 166: The Sound of the Bell

In the darkness where the sunlight hid itself, Filaret’s body emitted a green light, and she opened her eyes wide. She felt her teeth creaking without knowing it.

Filaret thought, “This world always gives senseless reasons, since the only way is to put both hands together regardless of our feelings and give happiness to God. I can no longer advocate that senseless reason as the law of the world.” Filaret did not want to be a part of an uninteresting script.

“And above all, I can’t stand the fact that he is dancing on such a dull stage.” Filaret’s black hair swayed in the air.

「I dislike it. I was so desperate to reach out and stretch my own fingers, and the result was just to die in a pool of blood. That’s why, I…」

“…I thought that I would make him a hero with these hands.”

Yes, a voice leaked from Filaret’s lips the moment it got into the air.

In the dark, the dull silver shade of the spear upraised a ferocious roar and stretched its fangs toward Filaret’s flesh. The servant, who was supposed to be by Mordeaux’s side, ran down the hallway with a barbaric voice.

As one could see, it seemed his spirit had reached its own limit. His teeth were visibly clenched tightly, and his eyes were completely bloody. Those eyes looked directly at Filaret.

“It feels funny to me. Nobody tries to follow the right path. How ignorant of them.”

Filaret seemed to smile involuntarily when that piercing gaze bathed her whole being. Someone pointed a weapon toward her, and Filaret thought it was both funny and unbearable.

“What a rude and unscrupulous gaze. He doesn’t know anything. Yes, he doesn’t know anything at all. This is not funny after all. I am not crazy. All human beings are equally strange.”

“I never thought of myself as someone special. Was I the strange one? How would I love or hate something? What was I supposed to do or feel?” Filaret did not know what to expect. Her emotions swirled in confusion many times over. She spent her days feeling lost, not knowing what she were living for. “Oh, for me, everything seemed strange.”

“However, everyone covered their faces with that type of reason. I kept smiling, saying that I was the sane one. But, in the end, I realized that I don’t know which is my reason or instinct, so I pointed to people and said they’re strange and funny.”

“By the way, what does that sanity mean? What is strange?” Filaret’s cheeks distorted.

The tip of the spear pierced the air in order to cut through Filaret’s belly. A straight motion, with the momentum to tear the wind apart. The servant was unquestionably skilled. Originally, such lethal flash would be deadly for Filaret, who thought of herself as a just a Sorceress in training.

The green light that covered Filaret’s body and the tip of the spear, which seemed to remember the feeling called fear, meshed together, as if they earned for each other.

On this moment, a loud sound ran quietly in the darkness. Only that sound echoed.

「…It’s true that I have no intention of attacking you. I just want to take what this place has to offer. You can run away now. I’m sure that Lugis will come here.」

As usual, the black and glossy hair swayed in the air as if nothing happened. The servant laid on the floor while holding the spear. He couldn’t even pierce the Sorceress’ body with the spear, and on the contrary, he couldn’t even stand a chance against her, so he laid down on the ground. The magical power made of green light slowly took the energy away from his body.

When this attack happened. Filaret’s viscera informed her skull that the magical power had filled her belly. However, it was not enough. The more there were, the more magical power one got.

This way of thinking made seem as if gold coins represented a person’s hidden feelings. True, the sin named Greed. Filaret disliked such thoughts, but this time was different. After all, Filaret wanted to give this magical power to Lugis. That was why Filaret thought it was not enough.

The golden hair shook, as if responding to Filaret’s voice.

“Almost like a monster.”

Mordeaux Gon’s eyes blinked calmly, while judging the presence that stood in front of him. She was undeniably just a girl. Her appearance was not so different from what he saw in the drawing room during the daytime.

However, not right now. It was completely different now. Mordeaux realized that his spine froze. He was even unaware that he was sweating a lot when he faced this girl. She was a monster.

When the servant who ran ahead and pointed the tip of the spear toward Filaret, Mordeaux prepared himself to cut off Filaret with his remaining strength. Of course, he thought that it would be great if the tip of the servant’s spear struck the girl, and if not, all he had to do was follow the servant’s momentum to kill her immediately. That would be the end of this threat.

However, Mordeaux’s feet did not follow his servant and remained stuck in the hallway during the strike. He didn’t move forward. He just stood there, without doing anything at all.

“The moment I tried to move my legs, something whispered in the back of my throat. If I go ahead, I will die for sure.”

“I’ve remembered this kind of feeling several times on the battlefield. It was when I met the existence called Hero on the battlefield. Even then, the voice was not as clear as this. I don’t know why, but my breath became rough. What was floating in my heart was an unmistakable expression of horror.”

Filaret spoke, without knowing how Mordeaux felt toward her. She said that if he wanted to run away, then he should run away now since she would not chase him.

Mordeaux’s chest leaked a sigh of relief upon hearing those words. He shouted gratitude to God for saving his soul. His body relaxed and enjoyed the extension of his life. “Oh, but.”

「…Don’t you dare joke with me, brat. 」

However, Mordeaux could not escape. Only the inner part of his psyche bounced off the words professed by Filaret. The education, the politeness and the aristocratic language, all which he acquired as a Lord, disappeared straightaway. The crude words he once spoke during his mercenary days popped out of his lips.

“There is no way that a brat can pacify a hungry demon with sweet words. I am a predator, a pillager, I am Mordeaux Gon.”

“Like every other aristocrat, I don’t sympathize with people whom I do not know. I take away what I need to take away. I have trampled on people with my own feet and robbed their goods, their lives and their happiness. All for the sake of my well-being. I took everything away with my own hands and will. This was my life, and still is. And in the end, I even got this city with my own hands.”

“That is why I can never run away. Because I know this much. In this world, there are only those who lose everything and those who rob. Once a person who robbed others falls down and turns to those who lose everything, then all the rest of his life will be taken away by a new predator.”

“Therefore, I will not transform into a person who loses everything. While I stand here, I will fight to keep the thing that I don’t want to lose.”

Once more, Mordeaux’s fingers grasped the axe with a firm grip. He opened his eyes and cut his lips with his teeth, as if to provoke his relaxed body. He felt blood dripping from his chin.

Mordeaux felt unwavering resolve even amidst the creepy green light. The monster in front of him still looked like a monster. However, a miserable life awaited him if he withdrew from his mansion. A life where he would lose everything awaited for him with its mouth open.

The moment when Mordeaux’s quivering legs took a step forward.

…Good. Then, in the name of the One God, I will give you the form of the beast that will protect what you hold dear.

A majestic bell rang in Mordeaux’s ears.

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