A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Abnormality Licking the Throat

The powerful torrent of magical power resembled the fire of a dragon. This power came directly from the Lord’s House at the center of Belfein.

The pillar of magical power continued to grow into the heavens, scattering glitzy powder from the green light. Such majestic sight gave me the feeling that I was really in front of a mighty dragon. My tongue quivered and my throat rang against my will.

What were you doing, Filaret? In a place like this. When my feet finally started to wobble, Caria’s voice reached my ears.

「You are injured. If you don’t mind, I can take care of this by myself.」

Her mouth showed a shadowy trait somewhere. It was a gesture, which I did not want to see with my own eyes. Caria showed an unusual behavior. Perhaps, she already knew my answer to her suggestion. Even so, she still cared for me despite knowing my resolve.

I responded to Caria’s concern while holding the cigarette.

「The food will taste better if we get hungrier, you know. So let us keep going and leave the food for later.」

While moving up my shoulders, I turned back and reached the main gate of the Lord’s House. There were no guards or gatekeepers at the gate. Did they run away? Or did he feel threatened by this strange sight and rushed into the interior of the building? Anyway, it was obvious they would not stay at the gates because of this chaos.

When I thought so, I suddenly noticed.

Strangely, I couldn’t hear any sounds. It was such an abnormal situation. It would be normal to hear noises from inside the building. Or maybe even screams. On the other hand, it felt strangely quiet. Did that mean that everyone had already escaped from this building?

Immediately, something cold crawled up from my feet up to my spine. I felt that something strange would be happening in the future. A near-delusional expectation was about to leak from my throat. What. What was I thinking? There was no need to think about anything else at this moment. All I had to do was step into this building, take Filaret’s hand and escape from Belfein. That’s it. It should be over soon.

My throat rang strangely loud. At the same time…


A roaring sound cut through the silence and echoed around me while shaking my ears. It was like the sound of a majestic bell.

“What is happening?”

A question was born inside the heart of the Lord of Belfein, Mordeaux Gon.

Something strange happened when Mordeaux was reading a report about the private army sent to capture the great sinner Lugis, and the troublesome incidence that happened with a group of mercenaries. An odd sensation struck his skin. It felt like something traced over his skin and took away the heat.

Up until now, there was only a slight sense of discomfort. Mordeaux felt so strange that he even forgot about the report. He felt a clear fear in his heart. He even felt his tongue dry. Moreover, the blood flow ran ferocious inside his body. This weird sensation felt as if something was robbing the control of his body. As if his skin was being forcibly stripped from his own body.

Mordeaux’s lips opened unintentionally. However, after calling his subordinate for a while, there was no reply. If he called out again, the result was the same. How strange. He knew that his servant was always by the side of his door. Absolutely. Then, why was there no reaction? Mordeaux felt everything became odder and odder. A convincing premonition began to emerge in Mordeaux’s mind that something unusual must have happened.

Unknowingly, his hand took the axe attached on his office’s wall.

He used to wield it well, but now it felt strangely heavy. When he thought carefully about it, he realized how stale he became. It had been years since he last walked into a battle. His body may no longer be able to swing his axe to the fullest.

However, Mordeaux did not intend to show any decline in the root of his spirit.

“My heart is telling me that something strange is happening in my mansion, and that something is wrong. Then, it is my duty to eliminate the cause.”

“Yes, this is my mansion. Belfein is my city. I killed the person whom I called best friend with my own hands. I even condemned the woman whom I once loved to the bottom of this earth. I took everything away. Because it is all about my life.”

“I don’t know what caused this anomaly. I don’t even know if someone caused it.”

“However, it is not acceptable at all. I won’t allow anything to reach my mansion or disrupt my own city.”

Mordeaux clenched his teeth, opened his eyes wide, and forcibly put his strength on his body while reaching the door of his office room.

At that moment, the door opened its mouth. He swung his axe reflexively.

「…Lord Mordeaux. Are you safe?」

The ones who came through the door were his servant and Saint Ariene. He almost slashed them down. Unknowingly, the air went through his throat and eased his lungs. A sigh of relief leaked from Mordeaux’s mouth.

The relief was not because of a scary existence that could have opened the door, but because Saint Ariene was safe. Mordeaux felt a great deal of relief.

Yes, even in this unusual situation, Mordeaux could not leave Saint Ariene alone. In the unlikely event of someone injuring the Saint, her wounded body could lead to his excommunication from the Cathedral itself. No matter what happened, punishment would be unavoidable.

If that happened, Mordeaux would no longer be able to live peacefully in Belfein. Even the privileges of this prosperous mercenary city would be deprived.

「Lord Mordeaux, I would like to receive your instructions. It seems the Saint is not in a good physical condition.」

A number of words rushed from the servant’s mouth as quickly as possible. Something close to a cold sweat fell from his forehead. As per the servant’s words, the anomaly that was occurring in this building was probably due to the air.

When Mordeaux stared at Saint Ariene, he noticed that her glittering golden eyes lost their color and her skin looked pale. She did not seem to be in a good shape. The servant said he found her sitting in the hallway, as if she had lost her strength.

“What should I do?”

Mordeaux’s brain stimulated his thoughts for a moment. Of course, he should take Saint Ariene to a safe place. But where was that safe place? Was it outside the building? Or an area where this abnormality could not be felt? In the first place, if he moved the body of the Saint, who was in his custody per the Cathedral’s instructions, he would be risking a lot. He didn’t know where the danger lies. While he was thinking…

「Please run away…Leave this place as soon as possible. Please, quickly. 」

Ariene screamed with a thin, throbbing voice. Her golden eyes narrowed slightly, as she looked beyond the hallway. Mordeaux looked beyond her gaze, with a petrified look on his face.

「…I’m not trying to take this for granted. But, it’s too late to choose otherwise. That said, it’s pointless for you to look that frightened.」

An out-of-place soft tone echoed in the hallway. Such voice rode like the wind.

The sun disappeared and the night emerged. Mordeaux couldn’t see clearly beyond the corridor because of the darkness of the night. But after staring for a while, he finally saw the figure that approached them from the dark corridor. A figure that looked terrifying yet outstanding.

Filaret La Volgograd stood there with her body surrounded by a gleaming green light.

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