A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 159

Chapter 159: The End of the Old Journey

The purple lightning of the treasure sword swayed in the air as it cut through the darkness. However, it could not make it in time. Yet, surrendering was out of the question.

At the expense of his left arm, Lugis reached for Caria’s nape against all odds. The treasure sword felt Lugis’ inner desires to prevail. Lugis was the treasure sword’s current Lord. However. Whom did he want to prevail against? That woman’s existence was not ordinary. It would be difficult for the Lord of the treasure sword to win this fight by himself, even if he prepared to sacrifice himself. That woman was probably a hero.

Based on the flow of this battle, the Lord was going to lose his left arm and be defeated at the same time. The gods were playing with the so-called Fate, as if this outcome was the result of a harmonious prearranged future.

The treasure sword originally had no ego other than fulfilling its function. It fell dormant except when it played the role it should play.

However, it was different this time. The treasure sword was aware of a small amount of strong exasperated feelings, which made it “open” its “eyes”.

Of course, those feelings belonged to the current owner. Lord Lugis fought against a person whom people called as hero. “What is he doing with his hand?”

The treasure sword felt confused at the Lord. This weapon was not just a mere sword. This blade had a crystal of power that once crossed the hands of many heroes. The blade increased its brilliance each time it fought alongside a hero. All the heroes of the past used their power to change the look of the world.


This Lord only used this powerful blade as a mere sword. Even if the treasure sword gave him a little guidance, the Lord’s instincts repelled it strongly. At this moment, the Lord unknowingly dispersed the clouds within his mind.

The Lord’s instincts spoke. It was by no means the treasure sword’s own power. What was the joy of borrowing other’s power? The Lord’s spirituality was stubborn. This trait interfered with the bond between the Lord and the treasure sword.

Yet, it was okay. The Lord chose to act on his own. No matter how much the treasure sword wanted to wake up, it followed the owner’s choice. There was no need to interfere forcibly. Therefore, even though the treasure sword felt that exasperation, it put up with it. It decided to close its “mouth”. However, there was one thing that confused the treasure sword.

People described the Lord as mediocre. And even the Lord had accepted it.

Why? What is mediocre in the first place? In order to call such name, people had to know the Lord personally. It was easy for people to judge others by pointing out their past. Still, everything that really mattered was the present day and the days to come.

The treasure sword clearly knew the feeling of stepping on thorns as if they were impossible to erase. It knew the way of life where it could not rely on anything at all. Surely, it must be an idiotic way of life for people.

“Even so, my Lord is…a Hero.” Once upon a time, the treasure sword accepted several hands of worthy Men. Nothing went against the blade’s will. Summing up. The present Lord was also one of the heroes the treasure sword acknowledged.

However, the body of the Lord had not yet taken the path to become a hero. As if it was separated from his spirit. At this rate, the Lord would hurt his body and soul again. This ongoing agony could result in irreparable damage. Why was it so difficult for him to accept it?

When the treasure sword reached this stage, it suddenly understood something relevant. A choice that would not come to mind naturally shook the blade.

Why did the Lord refuse to accept its power? That was because the Lord viewed the treasure sword as just a weapon, so to speak. In other words, a foreign body. That was why the Lord did not accept its power yet. Because everything was just the influence of borrowing others’ powers. The distorted spirituality of the Lord made it so.

“Then, I should be the same as the Lord.”

It was feasible. After all, the treasure sword’s body was once the same as the previous Lords. Once upon a time, its body was the blood that circulated through their veins, the flesh that made them strong, and the bones that supported them to stand.

Naturally, this body could become the current Lord’s blood and flesh. Then, it would be power itself. It no longer meant irreversible assimilation. “I will no longer be just a blade. I am the Lord, and the Lord becomes myself.” The purple lightning sparkled for a moment.

Well, it didn’t matter if the treasure sword was just a blade. Weapons were mainly used for the purpose of doing something. If the sword had to do something, then it decided to inject all of its powerful spirit into the Lord. There should be no problem with this choice.

Of course, this choice would make the gods who once gave birth to this world become quite angry. To the point of having a tantrum.

These gods were arrogant, as their beginnings were not so different from humans. Now they were full of ego. The treasure sword firmly believed it would be much better to take a human hand than to be on their side. Its job was not to follow the script of the gods.

“…All right then. Let us not resist anymore. I shall give it to your heart’s content. This body is a hero’s treasure. If thy fingers do not reach, then this body shall become the rest of your fingers.”

Blood droplets flew in the sky as if they had their own will, making their bodies dance in the dark night as if they were at a stage.

There was a strange and mysterious feeling. I felt this feeling once before. The feeling I felt exposed to during the duel with that hero who resembled the sun, Helot Stanley. The feeling, which made me do things that I shouldn’t be able to do. As if the impossible became possible. The purple hue shined at the edge of my eyes. As if it had a will of its own.

What’s this? My body was trying to draw a trajectory that I didn’t know at all. I was trying to make a move I didn’t learn. How strange. Even if I searched from one end to another in my head, I still didn’t remember making this kind of physical movement before. Yet, there was something even stranger than that. My body got used to these movements as if they were natural.

The flash of purple light ran through the space. It cut off the sky as if it possessed a will. A strange, yes, a very mysterious feeling. At the same time, I felt that I didn’t release such flash by the dynamics of my body. Unintentionally, my eyes swayed in astonishment.

However, the depths of my chest knew how to control the trajectory and the physical dynamics. It naturally made me understand that I was living in this body now.

I felt that Caria’s silver longsword tore my flesh apart. In the blink of an eye, her blade would cut my bones and approach my nape. Moments ago, I was sure that I couldn’t compete with her talent. Even if I sacrificed my left arm, I would not be able to reach the skin of Caria’s neck with my own blade. That should have been my fate.

But, now, I felt my joints shaping my own fate.

The purple light tore the darkness. A drive faster than anything else drove high. Even faster than Caria’s sword reaching my nape. It felt like a lightning bolt.

I heard a sound. No, I wasn’t sure if it really was a sound. Did I hear in my ears? Or… Did I hear from a completely different organ? I didn’t even know the answer. Oh, but a clear sound certainly rang. A sound that put everything to an end.

What? So you really can do it after all, Lugis.

A voice arrived inside my ears.

The sparkle of the purple flash struck against Caria’s nape. If I moved even a little, blood would spurt out from that white scruff. Caria’s silver longsword tore the flesh of my left arm, but it didn’t sever my bones.

I didn’t even know what happened. When I started wielding my sword, I was certain that I would never reach Caria with my skills. And yet, my joints had been reversed in this world somehow, and I managed to reach Caria’s thin neck with my fingers.

I don’t know. I really don’t know what happened. I even don’t know what this meant. However, I felt that a blade, which was once embedded inside my viscera, came off.

My lips rippled naturally when I tried to say a few words. My body began to convey to my brain the pain that ran throughout my flesh.

「…Damn, I am so tired. Let’s go get some good food when we get home, Caria.」

「…You idiot. If you want to invite me, then say it nicely. There’s no hope for you. You ruined the mood.」

Caria’s silver eyes shook and a crumbled smile appeared on her cheeks.

While I raised my eyebrows and returned the smile, I leaned my body against Caria for a moment. Apparently, my legs were quivering and didn’t listen to me. What home? That place was Garoua Maria. The place where Caria and I always returned together. Oh c’mon, give me a break already. The person whom I hated the most was now walking the same path as mine.

Ahh, but it didn’t feel that bad to be honest.

My eyelids were about to close because it had to meet the demands of my tired body… Then, my eyes opened suddenly. I felt my eyeballs shaking tremendously, as if I was having convulsions. My gaze turned up to the sky.

Right in front of me. At the end of the road, from the direction of the Lord’s House, I could see a torrent of magical power rising high.

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Ohhh this was a very interesting chapter! The treasure sword finally recognized Lugis as a Hero and as his Lord. And finally! Lugis accepted Caria as his comrade and is willing to move forward after making amends with his past. Now…what is that torrent of magical power? Look forward to what will happen next 😉


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. My guess is that a certain yandere saint candidate witnessed the end of the fight – and the almost fatal attack into Lugis’ arm – and is starting to go a little berserk. Maybe he’ll soon meet her again, getting his arm healed by her. On the other hand, meeting her now would probably side track him rather severely, so perhaps the author will put that off for a little longer. Maybe the so-called heretic saint can also heal his arm?

    • Very interesting scenarios dear reader 😉 something unpredictable will happen, but we cannot say what it is. So tune in to the next chapters 😀

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