Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 2 – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Magic Sword and The Déjà vu

I put the sword on the ground for the time being while Sumizu-san explained to me.

「That’s a strong sword, but if you don’t want to die, then you shouldn’t use it. Especially if you use that sword while using magic. That would mean committing suicide.」

「Excuse me, what the hell is this sword? 」

「You got this sword along with the other artifacts after the burn marks, am I right? So if it is strengthened by magical power, then it is a deadly sword. Also, the sword’s substitute name is “Extreme Magic Sword”. An average human being cannot handle such weapon.」

The sword seemed to have a name of its own. And those burn marks, huh. Ginta-san spoke about them too.

「Why is it dangerous? And what are the burn marks? 」

「A burn mark is a place where you can find artifacts. We say a burn mark because those things usually are burnt somewhere. The sword is dangerous because it sucks up magical power.」

「Will it consume all magical power? But even if the magical power is reduced to nothing, the physical condition will not get worse, right?」

Or…Would it reduce magical power to the point of starting to consume the HP too?

「That’s true. That magic sword will continue to absorb magic even after you ran out of magical power. If it reaches that point, you will lose the movement of your body from your hands until your arms. If you’re lucky enough to have your sword removed from your hand, then you’ll live. If not, then it will devour your magic and life force until you die.」

Scary! But, how did he know such details?

「The sword is certainly dangerous, but why do you know that information? Magic properties don’t have much to do with blacksmith, or do they?」

「Although I am a blacksmith, I handle special materials related to magic. In fact, I participated in a special research about how to make use of the Extreme Magic Sword’s techniques. However, I ended up not knowing much about it, except for the deadly consequences. To tell you the truth, I did investigate about what happens when the sword reduces magical power when wielded. I did it on a human experiment by using a prisoner on death row.」

A mad scientist… I was wondering where they were in this world, but one of them actually stood in front of me. This person was a mad scientist.

However, I didn’t think it would do that much damage to me if it were to suck up my magical power.

「I have a lot of magical power, so I think it will be okay. I have probably no shortage of magical power.」

I tried using magic on the way back and the upper limit of release did not seem to have risen.

「I can only say that nobody called the Extreme Magic Sword as Extreme Magic Sword on a whim. If an ordinary adventurer wields that sword, he will run out of magical power in less than a minute and will not be able to use magic shortly, and 30 seconds later, he will be a complete corpse without any obvious traumatic condition.」

What? Even ordinary adventurers with only about 20 MP had 1 minute? Was it not easy?

Now I could recover with a margin of one second. In the first place, the magical power of ordinary adventurers would ran out in about 2 seconds just by shooting rock spears to the fullest.

「It’s okay if that’s the case. It takes less than 30 seconds for my magical power to recover unlike what happens with other adventurers. Yes, even if I cast magic at full power.」

「What’s with that monster-like magic… But it shouldn’t be impossible considering that you managed to store a whole Metal Lizard in the item box? It’s already impossible to put a Metal Lizard in the item box in the first place. In any case, if you’re willing to use that sword, keep it in the scabbard at all times, and you should immediately let it go if you feel any discomfort during the battle.」

「Okay. 」

「Well then. That strange wand or sword is complete. I don’t know about the wand itself, but I made the sword part of the weapon and I can guarantee the performance.」

Ohh. Did he complete it? Should I call it a wand with a blade or a blade with a wand?

「I understand. Where are you going? 」

「Sumisa has it. You should listen to the explanation from Sumisa, because that weapon is different from a normal sword.」

For the time being, I decided to meet Sumisa-chan and hear the explanation about the sword.

「From here to here is the magic power collection part. You should hold it here when using magic. That’s all.」

The explanation was not long as I expected. I received the sword.

The sword was silver overall, but the boundary between the magic collection part and the sword part was slightly different. I wondered if it blocked magical power.

「Yeah, thanks. 」

「We decided to buy the surplus metal, isn’t that right? I don’t have much money here at the moment, so pick it up at the Commerce Guild. Just show them the Guild card.」

「All right. By the way, how much is it? 」

「Around 300 million I think because it’s about 100 kg after subtracting the materials and processing costs, so it’s impossible to buy them all at once.」

Inflation was terrible with artifacts. Was this country okay?

I wondered if it were a big deal for an individual. If I compared, a company could purchase something big if it owned 300 million in cash. Would it not be an abnormal amount?

By the way, I forgot about an armor.

「I also want to wear an armor, is that okay? 」

「That’s my dad’s territory. We have finished removing magic and I don’t think he has any work to do in particular today. So I think he can start making it straightaway if you really need it.」

Sumizu-san, huh. Did I have to bother him twice?

I thanked her for the time being and talked to Sumizu-san again.

「I’m sorry, but I’d like to have some armor too. 」

「Do you want an armor made of Metal Lizard Metal? A Metal Lizard Metal armor is certainly powerful, but wizards don’t usually wear it… Well, I guess it’s too late to speak about what’s normal and what’s not… So, what do you want me to do?」

What did I want him to do? If the armor were too heavy, mobility would be reduced, but if it were too light, it could end up being useless as armor.

Only magic armor would be enough to cover my requirements. But since I could not wear one at the moment, I had to trust the armor Sumizu-san forged for me.

Come to think of it. Even if I suffered a fatal injury, I would not die instantly because I could recover with a great speed thanks to my magic prowess. I decided to prevent only instant death.

「Please I want you to make me an armor that will protect only my chest. I only need to prevent instant death because I can recover with magic.」

「That’s an extraordinary amount of magical power. You won’t die even if an enemy inflicts fatal injuries on your body, huh. Well, if you want just that tiny amount of armor, then I can make it today. Touch this.」

He showed me a box similar to the ones I saw in the Guilds. I remember that people used it for status display. An automatic measuring machine*? I touched it for the time being.

I was told that I could go home, so I went home holding my sword in my hand. I also held it with my left hand and I didn’t see any problems at all. I wondered if the blade length was around 60 cm long. Compared to the magic sword, the length was much shorter, but it was still a fairly normal length for a sword.

It was still noon. Should I try my two new weapons right away?

I also took out the magic sword and held it in my right hand. I checked my MP, but the MP was stuck at the upper limit.

I would not be able to do a trial if the enemy were to be too weak. I tried to go deeper into the forest, but I didn’t encounter any monsters.

I felt that the atmosphere of the forest changed when I proceeded for about 5 minutes at almost full speed. I heard something noisy.

I noticed a reaction on the advanced radar after another minute. A weird creature in the distance that resembled a sheep.

I’ve heard that there was a monster named Rush Sheep. I wondered if there weren’t requests for subjugation because this monster was basically mild-mannered and not particularly harmful.

I felt safe because that monster did not fight back even if I attacked it. I also heard that this monster’s meat wasn’t particularly good and had no merit for hunting. Basically, this sheep was a monster that was neither useful nor harmless.

I felt sorry, but I wanted to try my new swords. That sheep became the target of my experiments.

I proudly held the sword-wand. I shoot 7 rock spears together against the Rush Sheep.

The rock spears landed the moment I fired them, and the pitiful Rush Sheep became minced meat. However, the reaction of the advanced radar did not decrease, but rather increased.

A flock. It was also quite dense. Indeed, it was about the density of the hordes of Green Wolf I saw in Ain. They were clearly trying to attack me. Was the Rush Sheep such a monster? Where was the mild-mannered sheep?

After confirming the scale, I approached them and cut them with the magic sword with magical power. The Rush Sheep became sliced meat without any resistance.

I also cut them with the sword-wand using my left hand while reducing the number moderately with rock spears. I easily cut bones without any hindrance.

I focused on the advanced radar. The size of the sheep flock seemed to be quite large. The area of the advanced radar was already full of Rush Sheep. I noticed that Rush Sheep kept being added from behind the flock.

I wondered why. That’s right, this gave me a great sense of déjà vu. I’ve encountered something like this before.

Was a rare monster coming out? Perhaps, that was the reason why they were being driven out.

If so, then I decided to do a reconnaissance for the time being. It was best to handle it quickly.

However, I thought that I would not have to escape from any monster now.

Then, there was no need to meaninglessly kill these pathetic and stupid Rush Sheep.

I tried to imagine something similar like the Wind Magic that Magis used before. That was an abrupt hit, but it was successful.

My MP was still at the upper limit. I didn’t know if it was the wind, but I felt like something was pushing my back. My speed had increased rapidly. It was quite difficult to avoid the trees.

I wondered if this could make me fly. I turned my body slightly upwards and increased my strength.

It made me fly. Yes, I did fly, but it was a leap rather than a flight.

I tilted my body slightly downward in a hurry and went the direction downward. After a while, the climb stopped, and this time I fell toward the ground with tremendous acceleration. No, deceleration, so to speak.

Perhaps, it was a matter of my magic or mind-image. I felt it was not a movement, which ignored the relationship between the magnitude of force and acceleration. Still, it was magic that simply pushed me from behind.

In other words, what I wanted to say was, when accelerating downward, not only the force to go up against gravity was directed downward, but it seemed that it added the acceleration of gravity.

I approached the ground at a considerable speed. I gave up trying to land on a soft spot and deployed the magical armor for protection.

I crashed into the ground while trying to slow down with the help of extra magical power.

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*Also named coordinate measuring machine. A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device that measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe. Various types of probes are used in CMMs, including mechanical, optical, laser, and white light. Depending on the machine, an operator may manually control the probe position or it may be computer controlled.


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