Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 2 – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Report and The Dragon

I didn’t want to face that strange thing again, at least for now. So I decided to go straight home. I decided to do appraisal on the objects I’ve collected only after leaving the cave.

That strange thing came from the coalmine itself, so I had to talk with Ginta-san. Moreover, I took a sword and a notepad with me without permission. Well, there were no magical artifacts on Planet Earth, but if a treasure appeared on a cave, basement or during diggings, the owner of the land should have had some rights.

I jumped out of the hole to reach the outside of the mine.

I was already used to jumping on the scaffold that was almost 2m high. When I first arrived, I had no idea that I would jump on a scaffold of this height unless I was conscious of it. Now it felt like something natural.

After jumping, I realized that the purpose I came here in the first place was not to search for artifacts, but to eliminate the excess of magical power.

What should I do? I was not sure.

In places where excessive magical power was a problem, the increase in the MP upper limit would be known by looking at the status. Like a human detector.

Therefore, I opened the status and looked at the MP column. I tried to guess from the transition occurring in the MP.

MP: 673122/94528637

MP: 676564/94528637

MP: 685732/94528637

MP: 689238/94528637


The rate of recovery felt strange.

Until now, it recovered every minute, but it increased at an irregular pace. Also, the upper limit numbering was strange. Nearly 1 billion.

To be honest, the lower digits were not something I could follow with my eyes.

…Well, it was recovering, so I was certain that the situation had changed from when the recovery had stopped. Perhaps my skills influenced this incidence. I decided to check the skills.

Skills: Information Manipulation Analysis (concealment), Complete Mastery of Different World Languages (concealment), Magic Qualities, Martial Arts Qualities, Otherworlder (concealment), All-Attribute Affinity (concealment), Fire Magic 3, Earth Magic 3, Water Magic 3, Pressure Magic 1, Perceptual Magic 4, Recovery Magic 2, Swordsmanship 2, Magic Element Adaptation unknown

There was no change. I didn’t know if it influenced the MP since the Magic Element Adaptation was still unknown.

Nevertheless, why did my MP raise to nearly 1 billion? I didn’t think it would go up to this point.

Did the monster disappear because it was absorbed instead?

It felt as if I absorbed something from the surroundings. Since it occurred at the same place and at the same time, it was possible that a connection existed between this incident and the maximum MP value or excessive magical power.

Did I really absorb it?

From the status, it did not affect my health immediately, but I didn’t feel that good.

Anyway, the increase in the MP upper limit had stopped and I was now recovering. However, everything felt weird, and I wondered if my cheat ability played a role at this.

While thinking about that, I went up the path inside the cave and came back to the entrance. It was already midnight outside.

The easy-to-understand path saved me. Otherwise, I would have been lost in the coalmine.

Looking at the outside, the whole landscape looked like a forest rather than a building. So if I made a little ridiculous digging on the ceiling of the cave that would extend to the ground, I would be in trouble…There was a high possibility that the cave would collapse.

Everyone already went home since it was late. I was thinking of reporting my findings tomorrow morning, so I decided to eat and go back to my room.

It was time for appraisal.

First was the sword. The length was about 1m and a half, which was quite long. However, the sword was slender and it didn’t feel that heavy. In fact, this sword was about twice as heavy as the sword made by Dveragh-san, but at my current state, it felt very light.

The color of the blade was a mix between blue and black, and there was no decoration. Anyway, I did an appraisal on the sword.

Magic Sword Artifact

Description: A sword that magically connects with the user and strengthens itself with the magical power given by the user.

It seemed to be an artifact after all. Perhaps, it could boast the sword’s considerable performance. I never thought that a sword could be a precious artifact.

I really wanted this sword. Still, I didn’t know if I could keep it since I came here on a different business.

Next. I appraised something that resembled a light bulb. This light came out of that monster.

Magic Light Artifact

Description: A processed magic stone product that emits light when it accumulates magical power.

When I put some magical power into it as a test, I noticed that the amount of light emitted exceeded the LED* for room lighting in Japan. Obviously, the amount of light was larger than magic lights seen at inns.

Besides, it was not dazzling to look directly at it for some reason. What a mysterious light.

By the way, how could I turn it off? I saw no buttons nor something that looked like a switch. It was just a sphere.

I looked at it from different angles, but I found nothing relevant. Therefore, I put it on hold for the time being and threw it in the item box.

Next was the black stone.

Wisp Core**

Description: A core from Wisp with extremely high magical conductivity and retention.

The name of this stone should have been the magic stone.

What did a Wisp Core mean exactly? In other words, this stone was probably not a magic stone, but something that came from that monster. Maybe this stone was the core of an organism named Wisp.

I was not a specialist, but what was written on the appraisal seemed to be very beneficial.

This core should be mine because it came from a monster that I defeated while working as an adventurer. I still decided to report it for the time being.

The magic light also came out of the Wisp, but this was just a random artifact, so it was highly possible that it was originally there.

I felt this should be investigated. I wondered if I should treat this as something stolen by a monster before I subdued it.

In the case of bandits, adventurers kept what they found after completing the quest. However, I came all the way here as a request from Ginta-san.

Well, should I negotiate later?

Finally, the notepad. I wondered if information of that era was written in this notepad. It would be funny if it were just a mere personal diary.

The first page looked like a cover page. Although it had faded, I could see a faint character that said, “Report”.

I turned the page slowly and carefully with my hand since it was highly possible that it could be deteriorated.

It would be better to use a tweezers. But I had none unfortunately.

August 4th. Rainy day.

The dragon’s subjugation failed. I lacked magical power. I couldn’t gather many wizards in time.

Since the emergence induction and the technique development were successful, it probably caused the dragon some damage. However, it is expected that the dragon will recover quickly.

I escaped by dispersing the people that were with me as much as possible. I proposed a re-subjugation by concentrating many wizards as possible again. There is no time left.

I began this operation by returning home.


August 15th. Sunny day.

The complete destruction of the Palmen continent by the flames of the Dragon suggests that we might only have just a few survivors.

This attack probably killed about 60% of the wizards, and it seemed impossible to secure enough wizards to subdue the dragon by normal means.

The dragon must be defeated even if it consumes me. I should have done it sooner.

I will probably reach the royal capital in about two days.

I have a grudge against my ability to collect only information. I ended up leaving the royal capital because of the lack of wizards. The decline in quality is also severe due to magic disorder. But I must go back there again.

Is this world about to reach its limit because of the appearance of dragons every two years?


August 16th. Weather unknown.

The day before the arrival in the royal capital. The royal capital was destroyed.

The dragon’s flames seemed to have stopped somewhere in between where I am and the royal capital. I am in a shelter, but I feel no relief.

It is the end.


August 17th. Weather unknown.

The magic disorder is terrible. I also seem to be alive up to this point.

The notepad was written with something that resembled ink. I felt that the letters were different from the words used in this country at the present.

Although it was written as a report, the letters were written only on the first page. Besides, the writing style was not like a usual report.

There were various unbelievable things written on this notepad. I decided to summarize the information for the time being.

First, the dragon. A wizard was on a quest to subdue the dragon.

Based on the writing, many wizards were needed to complete this quest.

I was not sure about the emergence induction and the technique development, but from the external point of view, was it like limiting the place where the dragon would appear?

Did the dragon suddenly appear one day? It said every two years, but I was not sure.

The technique development was probably an attack technique.

If the subjugation failed, it seemed that the country and the continent would be destroyed in a few days. I wondered how big an attack from a dragon was.

Next, the magic disorder. I didn’t know about this because nothing was written about possible signs. However, it could be related to the excessive magical power of the cave I explored.

The new skill that I acquired was also a magical adaptation. From the reader point of view, did the magic disorder also cause the quality of the wizard to deteriorate?

The royal capital and the Palmen continent were probably the kingdom and continent of the time this was written. It was useless information now.

The shelter was probably that building. The wall was a little bluish, and it was a color that I didn’t see much here.

The person who wrote this seemed to be a wizard, but the weapon he had left was a sword. The circumstances around this area were not written.

Well, I had not heard that much about dragons or magic disorders since arriving in this world. It seemed that both of those things were not widespread. It didn’t matter much to me, at least for now.

I decided to dispose the notepad artifact here. It was highly probable that the bereaved family of this wizard were not alive today.

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*A light-emitting diode (a semiconductor diode which glows when a voltage is applied).

**In games, Wisps are small, glowing phantasms or lost souls in servitude of a Wispmother. When killed, Wisps become Wisp Cores that can then be harvested for Glow Dust. Wisp Cores make a “tinkle” sound when activated.


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