A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 144

Chapter 144: The Similarity between Obsession and Raging Fire

“My favorite silver longsword. I have been overdoing it for a long time, but lately, my sword has been stuck at my waist.” Caria touched the handle of her sword with affection and clenched the iron gauntlet in her hand.

Her gauntlet had just a minimal armament. It was said to be even lighter than light armory. Caria liked its lightness, as opposed to heavy armor. With this gauntlet, she could move freely. She could even use her utmost strength capable of cutting running horses in both directions.

Caria felt that a light armor improved her strength. She felt that she could prove herself without heavy equipment.

Caria sought power. She was someone who did not hide while facing strong men. Without power, she could not do anything. She would not be able to achieve anything at all. Yes, Caria believed so sincerely. Her power and strength ran onto her thin fingers. The condition of the gauntlet was not bad. She could insert enough power into her fingertips.

“That’s right. If I have something I want, then it’s normal to want to grab it with these hands.”

「Lady Caria Burdnick. Please don’t overdo it. 」

The name that Caria abandoned hit her ears. Her silver eyes quivered for a moment.

A man named Tolga, who called himself the close aide of Mordeaux Gon, was standing beside Caria while hanging his head reverently. He lowered his head as a courtesy to a person of the upper class, but the color of his eyes was by no means submissive.

Naturally. Caria knew that this man named Tolga was here to watch her actions, and not as her own subordinate.

In the wake of the words professed by the Songstress Saint Ariene, Mordeaux decided to fill Belfein with private soldiers. He wanted to tighten the neck of the great sinner of the Great Holy Church…In other words, Lugis. Mordeaux not only wanted to be in the grace of the Great Holy Church, but also wanted to take credit for himself.

Summing up, the policy of the false allegiance with the Heraldic Order had been cut off. By deploying a large private army, those who infiltrated into Belfein would know about Mordeaux’s true intent.

It no longer mattered. If Mordeaux could get some benefits of the Great Holy Church by killing Lugis, then it would be no problem for the Heraldic Order to find out about his real plans. Considering all the circumstances, Mordeaux decided to go ahead with those actions. Unknowingly, Caria’s eyelashes bounced repeatedly.

Caria asked to accompany his private army. She said that she would grab the prey, Lugis, with her own hands. “Ah, that’s exactly right. I came to Belfein just to do that.”

「…No need to worry. I am used to situations like this. Besides, I can wield a sword.」

Caria looked at Tolga with cold eyes while lightly tightening her cheeks.

Caria’s offer to accompany the private army was surprisingly straightforward. “I see. I ended up being a safety measure for Mordeaux.”

“That man must have some suspicions of me and Filaret. Well, that would be a natural attitude of a lord. That man. I clearly know how lords behave, and I hate it.”

“This endeavor could be a trap, because it was weird for visitors of the upper class to suddenly visit a lord. Oh, maybe I am inviting the devil’s hand to push me into the abyss.”

Somewhere in her heart, Caria knew that lords and aristocrats always thought of such things. Surely, without that Saint’s words, Mordeaux would not have sent the private army. Caria snorted in a funny way.

Caria’s proposal to accompany Mordeaux’s private soldiers was accepted because he was a man who had suspicion embedded in his bones.

Somehow, Caria knew he would think this way. For Mordeaux, perhaps it was better to separate Caria and Filaret in order to watch their movements. They could be allies of the great sinner, or simply have a different agenda. That was why it was essential to grasp any disturbing movement.

In order to determine his suspicions, Mordeaux decided to accept their assistance, but at the same time, separating them so they both would not do strange things. Filaret stayed in the Lord’s House, and Caria went to the battlefield with the soldiers. Of course, both of them had aides to escort them and ensure their safety.

That way, none of them would do anything strange even if they had a different purpose. Yes, Mordeaux must have thought that.

“It was a legitimate idea. But it was just an idea of course. In fact, was it really something that could be applied to us? I wondered if it was really true.”

Caria pulled the silver longsword. Caria’s spine stretched, her eyes opened wide, and she blinked strongly. The dull silvery light of her longsword reflected Caria’s expression.

“Yes, both Filaret and I have certainly reached this city together, and we have joined forces to achieve our purposes. We even had the same conversations occasionally.”

“Indeed, one could call this a partnership. The people surrounding us probably thought of us as companions who fought for the same cause. However, if someone truly asked me if Filaret was my companion, I would have said no.”

“…Because, Lugis is my only companion.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Lugis is my unmistakable companion.”

Caria’s cheeks distorted. Seen from the side, it felt like she was smiling. Nevertheless, if one knew about the passion and fiery emotions that dwelled in her heart, no one would say that she was smiling.

Caria’s white canines bit her lips.

Caria realized that she should have said those words during that time. When the journey was still only Lugis and her. When she felt comfortable and full of conviction. She must have said those words. Around the time when she left Gharast.

…If, yes, if. If you betray me by any chance. I will make sure to ruin you. Do you get it?

“I always advised him. But, he easily left me. There was no consultation at all, even though I am his companion. That meaning disappeared when he vanished from my sight.”

Caria’s chest scattered like big sparks when resentment floated at the edge of her thoughts.

Caria endured it at first. She even endured the passion that burst from within. She even tried to understand it all, because it was out of her grasp. Caria did her best to comprehend Lugis’ strange personality.

When she thought deeply about it, whether it was the walled city of Garoua Maria or the Hanging Gardens of Ghazalia, Lugis would always disappear somewhere without consulting her first. Caria felt that Lugis was selfish as he decided everything on his own, only by his own will. Nothing had really changed since he took Caria out of the Burdnick mansion.

Therefore, Caria tried to accept that this time was the usual Lugis once again. He was someone that she could not be tamed.

However, this time. There was an irregular aspect that rang inside Caria’s heart. She could not ignore it this time.

She got a confirmation, albeit indirectly, from Largud Ann. Lugis took the hand of Saint Matia and headed for the mercenary city of Belfein. This fact made Caria’s chest hurt. A distorted noise resonated through her spine.

“What the hell.”

“Are you not my companion? Why did you do that without consulting me? What are you doing by choosing another person’s hand?”

At this point, Caria understood. She did not know if she complied with Lugis’ attitude, or if she just looked away. But now, Caria was certain about one thing.

“…I seem to have spoiled Lugis way too much.”

“That’s right. I behaved coolly and accepted his unrestrained behavior. It seems that I misunderstood him each time I allowed him to do as he pleased.”

“But it’s not okay anymore. Lugis, it is time to get rid of my misunderstanding. Discipline is necessary for your own good. This is all for your sake and not mine.” Caria smiled again with a fervor in her eyes.

“I have to let him know. He can’t do anything without me. I must teach him that if you are abandoned, you will no longer be given glory or even salvation.”

“And in the unlikely event that you betray me or try to cling to someone else… You should deeply understand that you’ll only face ruin and despair.”

“Ah, it will take a lot of work. Truly bothersome and infuriating. The human being, Lugis, is really up to no good. I still don’t know how it came to this.”

However, there was something rewarding. Caria felt that her emotions were burning her spine. Yet, it felt somewhat comfortable now.

It inspired her to move forward. Caria’s silver hair divided into two ponytails swayed in the air. The emotions inside her felt like sprinkling sparks of raging fire.

“…Now, it’s time for your discipline, Lugis.”

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