A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 143

Chapter 143: The Similarity between Dependency and Euphoria

Unlike Caria, Filaret La Volgograd did not show a visible and fervent passion.

Rather, all of her emotions were stored in the depths of her heart. Of course, one day her emotions could turn into dark emotions and burst. She was a human being after all.

Even so, Filaret herself thought that her nature had not changed, and that it would not change in the future. Filaret did not intend to change it. She even accepted this trait of hers, not as an inconvenience, but as her personality.

It was supposed to be that way.

「By the way, you two…You are nothing more than just strangers to Lugis. If you accumulate such thoughts into your hearts, it will only make you both sinful.」

Filaret’s vision distorted the moment she heard Ariene’s words.

At the same time, pain inflicted her brain. Involuntarily, Filaret shook her head. Filaret’s breath was as hot as a burning flame.

Filaret could not figure out what was happening to her right now. “I don’t remember having my body afflicted with such defect. I never had a problem until now. That’s right. But, what is this shock that suddenly attacked me?”

However, words came out of her mouth before she thought about her current situation. Her lips moved naturally. It was the first time for Filaret to have such an experience as this.

「Saint Ariene, I appreciate your concern. But, there is no need to worry about that.」

Filaret’s voice was strangely fluent. She did not feel well since her emotions dwelled with one another in her chest, but her words showed no roughness.

“Even though I haven’t been able to sort out my feelings, my lips moved independently and selfishly. As if it were necessary.”

Ariene shook her eyebrows upon hearing Filaret’s words. Just a little.

「What do you mean…? 」

Filaret’s strong words ate up immediately the raised question. By that time, Filaret was finally beginning to understand the true nature of the emotions that were wriggling within her.

「…Lugis and I have signed an important contract that no one else can intervene. You can no longer say that I am a stranger. I will take responsibility for everything he has done.」

The emotions that emerged on Filaret’s chest. An unmistakable indignation.

“Oh no, is it something that can be visible to others? These feelings are not common, nor are they expressed with cheap words such as anger and outrage.”

“This woman who calls herself as Saint called me and Lugis just strangers. Indeed, it may look like that from her, Saint Ariene’s point of view. Rather, it would be a problem to have a normal relationship with him, who is called the great sinner.”

Nonetheless, Filaret could not tolerate that statement. No matter what kind of disadvantages it may bring.

Lugis was the “ideal” for Filaret. He was lead just like herself, but he reached for gold, and even though he collapsed so many times, he never stopped moving forward. His appearance was too painful for Filaret. Her chest, staring at his back, always received palpitations and anxiety.

“Ah, if possible, I want to stop moving forward and run away somewhere together. But, it is impossible, as he keeps moving forward without stopping.”

That was why Filaret was here. She was here because Lugis was here.

Filaret did not lie about the signed contract. She and Lugis exchanged a pledge in the battle of Garoua Maria. That contract was still alive, even today. The termination of the contract would only happen when Lugis’ request concludes. And that request…was still suspended. Filaret heard from Helot that Lugis had said so himself.

“Then, that contract is still alive. Unless I declare the completion of the request, Lugis and I will have an uninterrupted deal. This is a contract entwined within our souls.”

Just thinking about it made Filaret’s heart jump in euphoria. This covenant was something that neither Caria nor that Elf Queen had. “I have tied it to Lugis. Oh, how can I make it unresolved forever? How can I never let him go?”

“Even if Lugis turns his back on himself, his soul will remain bound to me.”

Filaret looked at the Saint with odious eyes. This Saint trampled on her with her words, even though Filaret signed a contract with Lugis. Filaret could not forgive such an atrocious act.

「…I see. Then I shall teach you about the things they taught me since I am the candidate to be the Saint of the Great Holy Church.」

Filaret noticed that Ariene’s delicate movements slowed down slightly. Ariene tried to retain her dignified posture, but Filaret saw her distorted expression for a short moment.

The air in the room became frozen. Each breath felt heavy. However, even so, Filaret’s urge and determination did not go away even with Ariene’s response.

「…Lady Ariene, please. I do not mind this talk. You can continue it later. But, there is one thing that I have to say first and foremost.」

Lord Mordeaux spoke amidst the tense atmosphere.

This man’s facial expression had no longer the goofy smile of a person who seemed to be aloof before. Unmistakably, he showed a worthy expression as the Lord of Belfein. Mordeaux spoke while shaking his thick lips.

「…I also have some concerns. If the great sinner Lugis is really staying in Belfein, then I will have to send a private army, albeit a short one, to capture him.」

“From his mouth, it seems that Mordeaux’s words were not superficial. Of course, maybe he wants to capture Lugis as a gift to the Saint or to attain some grand achievement. Such speculations are feasible. However, this man probably has other plans.”

Filaret felt a little uncomfortable, but still, those words were the words that Filaret and Caria waited for. “Then, there should be no big problem,” thought Filaret.

「Nonetheless, I want to be sure. I want to know if the man who invaded this city is truly the great sinner.」

“Why is he hesitating?” Filaret’s eyes blinked. Her black hair swayed slightly and partially obstructed her field of vision.

“As expected. This man cannot make a big move because of his hidden scheme.” Filaret was well aware of Mordeaux’s supposed alliance with the Heraldic Order in Garoua Maria.

That was why Mordeaux wanted to avoid deploying private troops. He wanted to avoid reckless actions. If he deployed his soldiers, then the Heraldic intermediaries in Belfein would naturally notice his scheme.

If people noticed his scheme, then it would no longer be possible to build a relationship with the Heraldic Order. It would be impossible to have even the faint expectations to build a small affiliation. If that happened, the work that Belfein had done and everything that Mordeaux tried to achieve would disappear like blisters.

For Mordeaux, careful planning was necessary to bring down the Heraldic Order and obtain Garoua Maria for himself, however the introduction of private troops was also necessary to hunt down Lugis.

Filaret was well aware of this issue. On the other hand… “Lugis doesn’t care about me right now. He never relied on me before. And he went to Belfein without even speaking to me.”

“That’s right.” Filaret understood that there was no point in vacillating anymore.

“If Lugis doesn’t care about me, and if he’s not conscious about it, I will put that consciousness into his brain so that he won’t forget about me anymore. All I have to do is plant my seeds of dependency so that he can rely on me forever. Just as I can’t leave him, he can’t leave me either. It’s easy. Indeed, I even have the greatest weapon.”

“…It’s okay, Lugis. I will never do anything against you. I will give you absolute happiness. So don’t abandon me, do you hear me? I will not abandon you no matter what happens.”

“And for that reason, I had to come here personally to make Mordeaux my acquaintance, so that one day, I can use this trump card to our advantage.” The moment Filaret tried to open her lips with utmost resolve…

「…Yes. I confirmed his identity with my own eyes. That man must be Lugis, the great sinner. Lord Mordeaux, please, you must capture him no matter what it takes.」

With a compassionate smile, Saint Ariene’s clear voice echoed in the room.

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Ohhhh!!! A clash between the girls! It seems each one of them has a hidden agenda when it comes to Lugis. To be honest, I wished I could see Lugis’ face if he knew how much the girls pine for him 😀


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