A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 135

Chapter 135: The Songstress and the Protector

There was a strange dimness in the room with the curtains down even though it was not night yet. Not even a ray of sunlight entered the room. There was no candlelight as well. The room looked as if it was rejecting the light of day.

Ariene looked around in the room where someone invited her. She blinked her eyes without knowing the reason why she was there.

「I apologize. Even though the Lady Saint’s condition is not good, I have summoned you to come to such a place as this.」

The master of the room, Vestaline, sat on a luxurious chair with her hands on her knees.

For Ariene, who had only seen her majestic appearance, it felt like she had seen something that should not have been seen.

However, Vestaline, who spoke such words, looked attentively at Ariene in a grumpy manner, who in turn did not know what to say. Ariene felt that her body was stiff. Vestaline had a straightforward personality. The more straightforward a person was, the easier it was for said person to store anguish. Ariene perfectly knew that much.

“To be honest, I can’t say that I feel better now. Definitely. I still have a lot of pain in my head, and when I walk, I feel like my legs are wobbling.”

“However, although I am a candidate, I am worthy of being the Saint. I should behave with more importance when it comes to guide those who are worried about their bodies and souls.”

“That is the role for those who try to be Saints, and it is why I am here.” Ariene slowly responded in order to calm down Vestaline’s heart.

「You don’t have to worry about it. Besides, I am not the Saint. I am just a candidate to be the Saint. So you can call me Ariene.」

Vestaline sat on a chair that did not fit her robust body. In fact, she looked like a messy child. She leaned her neck to match Ariene’s gaze. Ariene dared to break the wall between them.

However, Vestaline’s pale lips swayed upon hearing Ariene’s words. Vestaline felt a little hesitation, and perhaps, she did not feel right to call Ariene by name. Ariene continued to speak in order to ease the atmosphere. Her golden eyes shined in the dimly lit room.

「Besides, the harder it gets, the harder the words and feelings become. In other words, it is better for us to become a little more comfortable with each other.」

Ariene smiled wryly in her heart. She recalled what the Cathedral sister taught her for occasions where she did not know what to say.

The sister taught her to take it easy. Be polite but resolute. Never to submit to stubbornness. “Ah, by the way, someone also taught this current language when I was little. Yes, my childhood friend whom I played a lot also taught me those things.”

Suddenly, Ariene felt a hard stone falling at the back of her chest. A sharp pain ran in her head for a moment. Ariene hardened her cheeks by pressing her mouth as she waited for Vestaline’s words. Ariene did her best to avoid expressing the emotions that boiled in her heart.

There was a quiet moment for about ten seconds. Vestaline, who sighed loudly, moved awkwardly her cheeks, which became slightly relaxed. Vestaline searched for proper words that would not make her worry, but that would make her communicate more easily with the Saint.

“What was she worried about?” Sure, Vestaline seemed to have a solid personality, but Ariene had a strong spirit, and even if she felt trouble somewhere, she had the strength to break even that trouble. At least, that was Vestaline’s first impression of Ariene upon meeting her.

That was why Vestaline was now troubled and trembling like a young child. It was a strange and unavoidable sight.

「…Lady…Ariene. What if… 」

The words that Vestaline professed were very insubstantial. Ariene felt that Vestaline had trouble in expressing her worries through words. Ariene nodded when she heard her next words.

「If a person has suspicions of something that she truly believed in, then what should this person do? Should she believe in its existence? Or…」

Vestaline’s words sank into the darkness. It felt as if the darkness itself swallowed her voice. The only thing that shined in the room disappeared, as if the darkness seized the whole space.

…At the same time that Vestaline’s words disappeared, Ariene’s golden eyes narrowed deeply.

「…How is Vestaline? 」

Mordeaux Gon’s voice sounded undeniably painful. His servant, Tolga, cleared his throat for a moment to answer his Lord’s apprehensive question.

「Ah, yes My Lord. Lady Saint Ariene is with her right now. I believe she has calmed down during the night.」

Mordeaux understood that this observation included hope.

Even though she was the Saint candidate, the girl named Ariene was still a young girl. The medicine called “time” to relieve sorrow could only be obtained over the years. But still, Mordeaux hoped that Ariene could be a medicine for his own daughter.

A loud sigh leaked from Mordeaux’s mouth. He felt extreme concern. He sighed again as he recalled all the blunders he made in front of Vestaline. For a moment, Mordeaux closed his eyelids to immerse on his thoughts.

When he finally opened his eyes, there was no longer any color of concern. He began to think about who informed his daughter of that man’s name. Who brought the name Bruder Geluah to this city?

Mordeaux wanted to get rid of this unwanted emotions. During the Mercenary Era, every day was like a battlefield. If strange sentiments or emotions swayed him, he would have died already. Mordeaux had seen many masterpieces who couldn’t understand the emotions hidden within themselves and lost their lives unknowingly.

Therefore, Mordeaux acquired a new resolution during the days of the battlefield. He managed to use a technique to separate everything from his thoughts except the necessary emotions. In other words, except his own desires.

He implemented this technique consciously at first. Then, gradually, unconsciously. Now, no matter how painful his emotions could be, Mordeaux was able to throw them away with a single sigh. Then, he could determine what to do.

In any case, something needed to be determined immediately. The source of information. The name Bruder Geluah. It turned out that someone who knew the name lived in this city, Belfein.

A name that Mordeaux considered abominable. Perhaps, that was why, as soon as that name came out of Vestaline’s mouth, he inadvertently forgot to keep his posture and quivered his eyes. Mordeaux also noticed Vestaline’s sudden change of expression upon seeing his unsettled behavior. There was no doubt that she was waiting to see her father’s reaction.

How far did Vestaline know? To what extent was she sure about her doubts? And from whom did she get that information? Mordeaux realized that he had to investigate it all.

Mordeaux felt in his heart, for the first time in a long time, the coldness of the Mercenary Era. It was gradually returning to his heart. Slowly and slowly, the center of Mordeaux’ heart lost its heat, just as the iron remained cold from its core during the cold weather.

「Lord Mordeaux. You have a visitor. 」

Suddenly, Mordeaux’s thick fingers moved upon hearing those words. There were no plans for visitors today. It was quite unusual for an unplanned guest to come, starting with Saint Ariene.

Mordeaux’s servant told him the visitor was an aristocrat. If that was the case, then it was not possible to drive this visitor away.

「Okay. Tell the visitor to come in. What is the visitor’s name?」

When he asked to the bowing servant, he slightly wriggled his lips while slowly opening his mouth.

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