A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The Three-Heads Meeting

The strange voice of a lustrous woman reached my ears. Not only one voice. I also heard several voices from the surrounding area.

Not surprising though. This place was the corner of the brothel. The whole area became quite lively around nighttime. A very vigorous place, bustling with noises and people.

Was it because of these sounds? Saint Matia opened her lips while distorting her cheeks in a very grumpy manner.

「…This is an extremely immoral place, Lugis. I finally understand the type of your pastime.」

No. Her cheeks were no longer grumpy. They were rather angry and shivering. She was good at hiding her emotions, but it seemed that she didn’t endure this sort of place. Perhaps, she had a different place in mind. Either way, all she had to do was get used to it. In fact, these sounds didn’t bother me much since I simply didn’t care. I was able to sleep during the bustling of the night. I inadvertently stroked my chin with my finger.

In any case, we had to endure the passion of the people. This city had inns, but it was cheapest to pay for a room at a brothel. Moreover, we didn’t have to worry about our voices since nobody would hear our talk because of the loud noises of fervent passion. It was a very convenient place.

When I looked at Bruder after Saint Matia voiced her discontent, a sharp sigh leaked from his mouth.

Apparently, Bruder was not in a good mood either. I wondered if the cause of his dissatisfaction was due to the unopened rum on the table.

This room had a bed and a table. The three of us sat by the table while we looked at each other.

「So, what’s up? Lugis, I understand the relationship between you and the young lady, but what does it have to do with me?」

Certainly, very moody. Bruder sharpened his lips when he was in a bad mood. How much rum did he want to drink… Oh, well, he was someone who became unstable by not drinking rum. In a way, should I be relieved that he did not drink? Or should I be worried?

I took a glimpse at Matia and noticed that she had the same emotions as Bruder.

I wondered if it was the surrounding sounds that made them so glum. However, staying at this brothel did not serve my purpose yet. It seemed that the Saint woman was willing to leave Belfein early. Of course, it would be the wisest if she left this place immediately.

Still, the Saint woman followed me like leaking poison. I had to take care of this issue now.

I must repeat those words again. There was absolutely no way that I would go home without achieving anything at all.

For a moment, I showed my teeth while choosing the right words, and then, I moved my lips while moving my eyes alternately.

「Yes, it does have to do with you too. Quite a lot, Bruder. Anyway, from now on, the three of us will…cut down Belfein.」

I muttered while moving my cheeks effectively.

Bruder and Matia’s eyes shook lightly. Their four eyes had the same intention, “Is it okay to utter those words in here?” Matia was staring at Bruder, and Bruder was staring at Matia. I grabbed the sullen mood with my words and suddenly transformed it into a fierce momentum ready for battle.

I involuntarily leaked a sigh from my throat. Their expressions told me about their uneasiness. An uneasiness that made them feel as if I didn’t know what I was doing.

「Cut down Belfein…Hmm, I see. Your words aren’t bad words. But, I think you mistook something here. I haven’t received any request yet.」

Bruder’s irritated voice shuddered the floorboards of the cheap brothel. “I feel that my throat strangely dry”, he thought.

“Even though I drank just water without any alcohol, my throat and chest feel like burning.” Perhaps, the irritation that consumed his chest was the reason why he felt this way, Bruder thought to himself.

The source of his irritation was the client whom he did not know that well. This client was standing in front of Bruder right now.

After all, not only did Lugis rolled into this room as if it were his own, he even brought a woman with him. He said to Bruder that she was his companion. However, Bruder felt reluctant about it. Lugis was too careless in many ways.

At first, Bruder thought that Lugis bought a prostitute from around the area, but when he looked closely, he could immediately see that this explanation was impossible. Bruder touched the brim of his hat, as he looked at Matia, the woman whom Lugis introduced to him.

“I see. She is a beautiful woman. She has a very gorgeous hair quality. There is no way that she is a prostitute. She has clear skin, and above all, distinctive, strong eyes.” Bruder’s spine quivered upon glaring at her eyes.

“Where the heck did he bring this woman from? She didn’t dress accordingly to her beauty, perhaps she wanted to hide her identity.” Bruder knew that she was no mere acquaintance. She probably came from the same place as Lugis came from. However, Bruder felt as if she came from a very different world. She was much more dignified than Lugis.

“If anything, yes, such a human being like her. It feels as if she belongs to the same world as the Steel Princess.”

「In any case. Listen, Bruder. I think you and I are the same, don’t you agree? There’s a reason why you live in such a violent, looting mercenary city. You probably wanted to do something to change the ways of this city. I know that you felt like this once before. You never abandoned this rotten place, because you had a tiny hope. Perhaps, you still have.」

“I wondered why Lugis was so interested in the mercenary business. His eyes kept staring at me.” Bruder’s throat reverberated unintentionally. Even the edge of his ears quaked.

“I knew it. This man Lugis is not sane. I’m sure that Lugis is daydreaming. His dreams are the dreams of the poor. In other words, unachievable dreams.”

For Bruder, it was a dream that only the poor could see. A luxurious and empty dream that could only be envisioned by a poor person, who didn’t know anything and avoided reality. Bruder knew that cutting down Belfein was something unattainable.

However, Bruder felt something strange on his heart. He only met Lugis a few days ago. They only exchanged a few words. Even so, Lugis spoke to him as if he were speaking to a long-time friend. Bruder felt confused because, occasionally, Lugis spit out words that seemed to see through his heart and nature. Bruder wondered how he could do it. They never met before, and yet, Lugis knew him far too well. “Maybe Lugis’ observing power is very high, huh.”

Bruder’s shoulders moved sharply. He opened his lips while trying not to make an eye contact with Lugis. There was a slight hesitation in Bruder’s brain.

「…I want my money accordingly. And that means an advance payment. So, tell me. How do you turn a strong mercenary roost upside down?」

Bruder opened his dry mouth, and leaked a voice in a strange way with his eyes laid down.

Bruder’s feelings were messy. His heart had no energy to move by itself, but it kept beating because of inertia itself. Bruder was someone who never wished for more than he could achieve. He could not “jump out” of this place as he wished.

As Lugis said, Belfein sew Bruder into this city. It was a ruthless city, where dictatorship ruled the poor. Yet, Bruder could not leave this place. He continued to live as a mercenary despite the problems he faced each day.

Still, for Bruder, everything was just a gift of inertia. His daily life did not seem to change at all.

「Great. I welcome you, Bruder. Well, it’s easy. The answer to your question is very easy.」

Bruder felt uncomfortable when Lugis clapped his hands and smiled.

The gesture of his hands and the gesture of his mouth were too over-confident. Bruder’s uneasiness increased tremendously.

“We did not spend much time together, nor did we share the edging of life and death. We are strangers to be honest, but this man feels it different. I haven’t understood the reason why he behaves this way with me.”

“But, I see. Despite my confusion regarding his actions, I felt that his words did not sound that bad, somehow.”

「We don’t have to destroy this city in a catastrophic or terrible way. It’s too difficult to cut down a huge giant such as Belfein. 」

“Lugis spoke without hesitation. In fact, he even spoke with a pinch of cheerfulness. Even though I didn’t care about it in my head, I was waiting for his decisive words deep inside of my chest.”

Bruder looked at Matia, who was also waiting for Lugis’ voice. Bruder found it strange that a dignified person like her obediently accepted Lugis’ words. Did she believe in Lugis’ far-fetched dream?

Lugis’ lips moved like waves.

「A specific deadly point…We just need to focus in creating a little crack. That’s all we have to do in order to succeed. A giant will always fall disastrously by cutting the tip of its foot.」

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