A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 6 – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Belfein’s Steel Princess

「…I really hate that trait of yours. Right now and in the past.」

A sigh leaked from my lips. I clenched my teeth at the same time.

I held my sword once again. I needed just one crucial action. Yes, a crucial moment to stop the root of the opponent’s breath.

My shoulders stopped moving. Neither the knees nor the arms, nor the entire body, were trying to move. Bruder did not move either.

When I was with Bruder, I felt as if the movements around me had stopped. As if time had stopped.

My saliva slithered down my throat. A moment of win or loss. It would take just a moment to determine the outcome of this fight. Everything could happen in the blink of an eye once my sword and his long hand with the needles wielded against one another. The cold wind stroked my cheeks.

The palpitations of my heart continued without showing any change on the outer skin. I looked at this situation and asked why this was happening.

The answer was my miscalculation. There was no doubt that I did a mistake here. Just because I held hands and entrusted my life to him once did not mean that I could hold hands with him again. Why did I not think about this? I actually believed in a connection between us. This mistake could cost me my life.

The same that happened with Caria, Filaret and Eldith was happening with Bruder. I was at odds with those girls in my previous life. Yet, the opposite happened in this timeline. Therefore, it was not strange to see the same kind of opposite effect with Bruder, where he was once my friend was now my adversary.

I did not know why we were in this conflict right now. I did not know the reason why. But there was one thing that was certain in this situation.

Bruder, my former friend and comrade, was now being hostile to me. It seemed that he came here to take my life.

My breath became a white mist and raised in the sky.

「Such strange words you profess. You sound as if you know me. I wonder if I have become a celebrity, huh.」

A nostalgic voice released from Bruder’s mouth as he moistened his lips with his tongue. Bruder didn’t show any kind of relaxation while he spoke. Bruder had a clear murderous intention in his eyes.

The distance between us was close. My treasure sword could cut Bruder’s neck and pull out his heart. In addition, Bruder’s long hand with the needles could easily pierce my vital key points in an instant.

Bruder was truly aiming for my life. There was no way that he would back away now.

He was a person who often put his life on the line. He was a human who could easily throw his life to achieve something. For some reason, he had absolute confidence. But, I decided not to lose. Failure was unacceptable.

I was often envious of Bruder’s character. Envy and jealousy were two sides of the same coin. Despite feeling jealousy at times, I also respected him at the same time.

Bruder was not a genius, so to speak. The qualities that were born with him were far below to those of heroes. He did not have the spirit to break everything apart like Caria, nor did he have the natural power of Filaret to sway even the ordinary man, nor did he have the violent power of Eldith.

To put it in simple words, Bruder was mediocre. He was not much different from me. That was probably why, for me, who had always wanted to own the dignity of geniuses, Bruder did not overwhelm me even at such a time as this.

I understood it with the last blow. Bruder’s abilities did not change much since the time when we were comrades. In a sense, it was not that surprising.

Bruder’s talent was somewhat similar to mine. And it was no exaggeration to say that it was unsurprising because he worked with me before. Only geniuses accompanied other geniuses. Comrades? Between geniuses, yes. There was no way that an ordinary man would be a comrade of a genius hero. It was just not possible. Incompatible. Therefore, the only humans who were comrades of an ordinary person were other ordinary people.

The same for Bruder. That was why we were comrades once. His ability and talent were not that different from my prowess. We were equals to one another.

Yes, we were supposed to be equals. So why was Bruder so exalted and positive about his life? He always showed me an expression full of confidence and optimism. We were supposed to be equals, and yet, we were the opposite when it came to our dispositions. I often envied that side of him. A side that infuriated me, a side that was uncomprehensive to me. Therefore…

*metallic sound*

How frustrating. Ah, I was still such a little minded person.

There was no signal. However, the moment where each other’s breaths overlapped.

The sound of a needle piercing through the space. The sound of the sword cutting through the air. And the sound of iron that echoed through the back alley.

The mercenary city of Belfein had a different law than other city-states.

The Law of Steel was adhered in Belfein, where many rough people gathered.

In other words, “her” existence was absolute In Belfein. “She” herself was the law.

The sound of rustling iron echoed through the main street. This person wore a steel armor and rode a horse-shaped monster.

“She” was so tall that nobody thought of “her” as a woman. Although “she” was slender, the steel armor did not overwhelm “her” figure. “Her” facial expressions were scarce, and “her” eyes swayed as if “she” looked up at the sky.

Who was this mysterious woman? “She” was the only daughter of the Lord of Belfein, and “she” held the reins of the demon beasts as the guardian of the city. The people called “her” the following designation.

The Steel Princess, the Iron Devotee of the almighty Belfein, Vestaline Gon.

She wrapped herself in steel as she gallantly crossed the main street. Even her horse-shaped monster had an iron armor protection. Behind her stood multiple servants who followed her fervently. The roads in Belfein, which were usually noisy to the point of crushing your ears, suddenly became quiet. Everyone in the street naturally gave way to her.

Some were afraid of her, some worshipped her, and some hated her. However, none of them obstructed the path in which she crossed.

Unquestionably. She was a symbol of this city’s rule.

Her father, of course, was in charge of the actual government affairs, but it was undoubtedly Vestaline Gon, who moved the hearts of the city’s inhabitants as iron stakes. She was the only one who made them lower their heads.

In other words, Vestaline’s existence was a horror to the inhabitants of the city.

Two wheels of power ruled the city-state. One, the father who was the brains of the city. Two, his daughter, Vestaline, who imposed oppressive power. The horse-shaped monster seemed to be a demon beast. The hooves made a loud noise through the cobblestone road. This noise even made the criminals who hid in the back alleys tremble as if a steel pierced the spines.

*metallic sound*

The horse, which advanced while making a heavy crunching sound, stopped the movement of its hooves. An iron sound shook the foundations of the road.

The Steel Princess narrowed her eyes. What she heard right now was the unmistakable sound of an iron-to-iron clash. There were no blacksmiths in this part of the street. Besides, the sound did not resemble the beautiful sound heard in blacksmithing. It was something different.

The inhabitants and mercenaries in the street immediately lowered their heads upon hearing that high sound. No one wanted to grab Vestaline’s attention. Belfein was a city easy to live in, but it was a different story once somebody got in the way of Vestaline’s perception.

It was bad news if the Steel Princess’ eyes “caught” someone doing something she disapproved. Actually, her bad reputation made life in this city difficult.

Vestaline looked at her surroundings as her ears tried to grasp the direction of that sound. Yes, the sound of an iron-to-iron clash. A proof of conflict. Vestaline’s directive was to eliminate those who caused turmoil in Belfein. Vestaline, the Iron Devotee, never overlooked sounds like this.

After a moment, Vestaline gently pulled the bridle to the right and pointed the horse’s head toward the source of the sound. The multiple servants behind her did not oppose to her sudden change of course. Because they clearly understood their master’s intention.

Vestaline was the absolute ruler in this city. And those who broke her policy had to face the consequences of her iron sword.

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