A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 6 – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The General and the King

「Well then. I will tell my Lord your words, Lady Saint Matia. We will have the guidance of the Heraldic Order.」

The messenger of the mercenary city of Belfein spoke before he left his seat. Matia shook her eyelids, as she listened to his words.

A different sentiment immerged deep inside of Matia’s heart. Regardless of her hidden feelings, Matia nodded to the messenger.

「Yes. Let’s move forward with our alliance. May each other’s future be better. That is our God’s will.」

The meeting with Belfein’s messenger was over. After the messenger left the room, Matia took a deep breath and leaned her shoulders against the chair. She then sharpened her lips.

Matia wondered if she gave the impression of willingness to form an alliance. Her eyebrows went down and her eyes intensified. It was not important whether Belfein believed her words or not. She knew that they would at least consider this alliance before concluding officially. This could give Matia some time.

If the ongoing negotiations of a possible alliance were to crumble now, the relationship between Garoua Maria and Belfein would be strained. If that happened, it could lead to a clash between nature and military forces.

It was not a bad choice either.

Rather, a clash would be useful for the unification of the Heraldic people’s will, which was not consolidated yet. The existence of a common enemy, by itself, deprived people of their eyesight and buried their enthusiasm in the dark. This fear would make them seek help from the religion itself. In the end, the people would feel grateful to the organization for trying to save their lives from the ongoing threat.

However, it was impossible right now. Things went the wrong path.

Matia sighed profusely to calm herself. She put her finger through her soft and long hair, and carefully tied it up.

If the situation suddenly became tense, then of course, the relationship would turn into an aggressive and hostile relationship. Bloody confrontations and murders would be the norm. Killing spies and scouts would be the first priority before retaliating with a larger army.

Right now, Matia and Belfein were somewhat accepting and overlooking each other’s spies to some extent.

There was not much information on each other at present. If things went down the line, then searching for spies would take a fair amount of time before finding them. In fact, spies were people that provided crucial information in order to allow their leader to determine the future direction of their nations. Their duty remained unchanged even during conflicts between nations. Therefore, unless there was a great deal of trouble, the spies’ lives remained intact.

If the current situation remained for as long as possible, while hinting at an alliance, then Lugis’ life, who had infiltrated into Belfein, would be extended.

“Or was it a desire?” Matia quivered her eyes while touching her hair.

Lugis was neither a spy nor a rebel. He was one of the corner stones of the Heraldic religion. If people in Belfein recognized him, then he would be punished immediately on the spot. “We have to hurry”, Matia thought.

In essence, Matia’s actions just intended on creating an extended and dormant period. A period that allowed each nation to evaluate each other without attacking. However, even infants could understand that this period was like walking in thin ice that would eventually collapse.

Therefore, it was crucial to take immediate action, to move now.

Matia got up from her seat while her tied hair swayed in the air.

“Now that I think of it, my long hair was also my own calculation.”

Long and beautiful hair was a sign of nobility. Matia’s beautifully trimmed hair was useful at times. She made use of this trait and pretended to be an aristocrat in order to negotiate.

She knew that her hair would be useful in the future as well. That was why she could not cut it right now. Therefore, she tied her hair around the back of her head and arranged it in a manner that it would not damage it.

“By the way, what kind of hairstyle does he like?” Such an idea came to Matia’s mind naturally.

「Excuse me, Saint Matia. As far as I know, there has been no major confusion in the city…Lady Matia?」

Ann entered the drawing room while holding the parchment in her arms. Her eyes rounded as she stared at Matia.

For a moment, Ann moved her eyes while blinking her eyelashes as if she felt confused about the unknown person who stood in front of her.

Matia distorted her lips in a strange way upon seeing Ann’s confusing expression.

「What’s wrong with you, Ann. I just trimmed my hairstyle a little. It is me, Matia, who else would it be?」

Matia rolled her eyes and moved her shoulders after asking Ann if she saw a stranger.

In fact, Matia had never looked this different, either in public or in private. When Matia looked at herself in the mirror, she certainly felt strange. For a moment, she doubted if the figure reflected in the mirror was truly her.

However, this strangeness felt more convenient.

「Ann, can you lock the door and get the makeup ready? In the office…Yes, I can’t use a mirror there.」

Matia gave instructions to Ann while she sat down again in the chair of the drawing room. Matia usually used the office room to do her work. The drawing room was used for other affairs. This room was the most convenient place to be prepared and get dressed.

However, Ann did not reply after hearing Matia’s instructions. “What’s the matter?” Matia moved her eyes around and turned her gaze toward Ann.

Ann’s cheeks looked somewhat tense. Her face even looked blue. “Is she in a bad shape? That would be a big problem.” Matia looked puzzled at Ann’s condition, since she needed Ann to work on her behalf temporarily from now on.

「Ah, ex…excuse, Saint Matia. Of course, I will follow your instructions. But, for what purpose do you need makeup…?」

This time, it was Matia’s turn to round her eyes. Ann was a well-aware and smart person. She was known for being more sensitive than others in judging other people’s movements.

That was why her question made Matia wonder. On top of that, Matia believed that her actions were inevitable and quite clear.

Matia did not want to cover it up from Ann. Therefore, without being ashamed, words leaked naturally out of Matia’s lips.

「What are you talking about…I am ready to infiltrate Belfein myself.」

Ann’s blue face turned even bluer when she heard Matia’s words as if they were normal. Ann almost fainted, and her originally white skin became paler.

「Saint Matia. I can’t allow you to do that. It is unacceptable for you to endanger yourself.」

It was rare for Ann to speak words of defiance. Suddenly, Matia’s lips trembled.

Ann was a loyal supporter of Matia.

Therefore, Ann did her best to put Matia’s words into practice as much as possible. Even if her acts endangered one’s life and position.

Of course, Ann made suggestions sometimes and often shared her opinion. But, she always avoided direct confrontations and always put Matia’s interests above everything else. In a sense, Ann was not a Heraldic believer. She was, in fact, believer of Saint Matia.

That loyal Ann was now against Matia’s decision. Matia felt strong palpitations in her heart. The fact that something that was never been possible before was happening in front of her. This unbelievable outcome upset her viscera and hurt her spine.

Nonetheless. After a moment of hesitation, Matia’s thoughts quickly returned to her brain.

「…Ann, I understand your words. And I’m happy to hear them. 」

That was Matia’s unmistakable true intention. Ann, who had always stood by her side unconditionally, was now confronting Matia. How many humans could do that?

Many people could only try to get close to the big tree. But, if the big tree fell, none of those people would be able to support it or restrain it.

However, Ann was different. After all, she had a rare talent. A General’s talent who supported the King and sometimes spoke conflicting words.

Therefore, Matia did not hide her true feelings, and spilled the following words.

「But my actions are unavoidable. Lugis infiltrated Belfein alone and that will only increase the danger. I will go directly and bring him back.」

Tears overflew from the edge of Ann’s eyes. Still, the edge of her eyebrows were firm and her lips tightened up.

「That’s just not possible. I know that he is in danger. But…He is a good forerunner so to speak. He will manage to take care of himself. On the other hand. Saint Matia, you mustn’t forget that you are the King! If you die, everything will end! Please, I beg you…I want you to think about the meaning of my words…」

Ann’s tearful voice echoed in the drawing room. Matia held Ann’s words deep in her heart.

Then, her eyes swayed. Matia had a compassionate smile on her face and an expression that seemed to be magical.

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