A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 6 – Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Largud Ann’s Concerns


In the early morning, the sound of breaking glass echoed inside the walls of Garoua Maria.

The movements of well-trained soldiers were agile. Their faces turned blue upon hearing the sound and immediately headed toward the source. The sound came from the office room of the unmistakable Saint Matia. One of the guard soldiers reached the room first and hit the door in a hurry.

「Lady Saint Matia! What happened! 」

It wasn’t a normal sound. The soldier thought that something serious had happened to Saint Matia. When the loud voice of this soldier evoked high, more soldiers gathered in front of the door.

Saint Matia was undoubtedly the symbol that guided the Heraldic religion. She was like a pillar that supported everyone’s hearts. The power of the Heraldic Order could collapse if something serious happened to her. In other words, if something happened to her, it would be impossible to unite the people of the old religion in one power.

Whether this was true or not, it did not matter, since the majority believed in their symbol. Everyone loved and trusted the existence of Saint Matia. Everyone understood the importance of her role.

However. What happened to Saint Matia? This delusion trapped the soldiers’ minds and hearts. This worry made them break through the door to enter the room.

「…I…I apologize. She just fell asleep and broke the vase. Don’t worry.」

Matia’s aide, Largud Ann, appeared through the gap. For some reason, it felt odd.

Ann tried to appease the soldiers’ concern.

The soldiers were confused and went to see what was wrong. However, nothing happened, said Ann, the personal aide. Ann’s loyalty to Matia was deeper than anyone else’s. Everyone knew that well.

The soldiers began to return to their original positions after Ann reassured them.

The morning passed without any other incident.

Early in the morning, Largud Ann felt anguish in her heart.

Her anguish could be an exaggeration, but she knew that trouble was about to come. One man was the cause of her anguish. The heraldic compatriot and hero, Lugis.

Ann wrinkled involuntarily between her eyebrows in order to reduce the pain from her abdomen. “Again. It happened again. If I could, I would wipe his deeds. But, I can’t. Yet, he did it again”.

Ann thought that the situation had finally settled down. She was about to adjust the political affairs that Saint Matia ordered her to do. Ann sighed deeply as if her heart sank deep into her stomach.

Largud Ann was someone undeniably talented in interpersonal negotiations. Therefore, Matia favored her and used her skills for the Heraldic Order. Ann gained a powerful and relevant position within the Heraldic religion through Matia.

However, there were many inconveniences as well. It was natural that Ann’s skills would be useful if a collision occurred between people. But as a matter of course, troublesome things were also carried on Ann’s back.

Nonetheless. Ann knew that it couldn’t be helped. Rather, Ann understood that if she handled the problems well, her value would certainly increase.

Despite this, he, Lugis, was the one causing trouble lately.

“…Was it true that heroes were defined by colors?”

Ann muttered in her heart. Heroes were defined by many colors, or meanings. Lugis’ color was clearly “trouble”. Yet, Ann never said it aloud. If she said it, even the smallest things could catch the wind and she wouldn’t know where they leaked from. Summing up, personal opinions would raise to even more trouble. Those who made negotiations with their own ability like Ann had to be extra careful with their words.

However, she was allowed to mutter silently in her heart.

He, Lugis, had difficulties in women’s relationships.

Ann thought that Lugis’ recklessness and lack of personal relations made everything worse. He was incapable of understanding other people’s feelings. Perhaps, he tried. But, his insensitivity and immature behavior made many women upset. Ann wanted him to settle somewhere in order for him stop doing foolish things.

For example, he had to “hold the reins to separate the legal wife from the concubine”, in order to keep everyone quiet. If that happened, he would become someone reliable. Yes, someone with the capacity of being a leader. However, he didn’t have the guts to distinguish white from black. That’s why he always brought trouble whenever he went.

After all, Lugis was one of the most influential men in the Heraldic Order. Therefore, it was not a bad option to train him properly to be in a good shape for leadership.

Ann thought calmly for a second. She knew that her anguish would not solve anything.

“That’s right. I need to have a clear mind for this case. I heard that he went out for a walk at night. But, it was strange for him to rent a horse to take a mere walk. Moreover, he did not come back.”

“I really want to understand his intentions. Yet, it is difficult for me to do so. Sometimes, he endangers his life in order to save others, but other times, he does nothing at all.”

“Confusing. What type of hero is he? Others might call him a hero, but all I see is a mysterious person who always brings trouble to others”. Ann moved her heavy eyelids in confusion, but regained her composure.

“Even so, if he is temporarily gone, it will be difficult to deal with the girls who yearn for him. I know this much. That is why I cannot report to them without knowing his whereabouts first. It would just make the uproar louder.”

Ann said to the gatekeepers to keep their mouths shut on this matter. Ann decided to report his disappearance to only one person. Her immediate superior, Saint Matia. She was the ruler of Garoua Maria and the supreme commander of the Heraldic Order. Ann knew that Matia was always calm and assertive. Therefore, there would be nothing wrong with reporting this matter to her.

With that in mind, Ann headed towards the office room. However, after arriving she stopped for a moment before opening the office door. Her fingertips hesitated to touch the door.

Suddenly, Ann’s talent for interpersonal negotiations rang the alarm bell.

At first, Ann kept this matter in her own heart. She wanted to illuminate herself to find a solution to this problem. Only then, she would report this incident to Saint Matia.

Ann thought so. However, on this very moment, Ann felt a slight sense of discomfort regarding Saint Matia.

Something that no one else could sense besides Ann, who was always nearby Saint Matia. One could call it Ann’s intuition.

Saint Matia’s actions were performed with reason and calculation. Always. She was someone strategical and self-assured. She never let useless emotions or useless people bind her. Saint Matia’s way of life had not changed at any time, and Ann respected and sympathized with her character and wisdom.

Saint Matia behaved exactly how leaders should behave.

Ann firmly believed so.

However, the words that Saint Matia professed to Lugis did not show such calculation and wisdom. But, Ann knew that Lugis was no ordinary person. Ann bit her lips slightly while pushing through her brain.

The true nature within Lugis’ being was hunger and thirst.

Lugis was like a hungry beast. He was starving for the dignity he did not possess. As if the sand of the desert was eager to suck up on water. A thirst and hunger that were unparalleled to anyone she had met before.

That was the way which Ann understood Lugis’ character.

Then, we shall give it to him. Give him a reward. Give him the status of a hero, and satisfy him. In fact, he was doing just that. Doing the deeds of a hero. All he needed was be applauded.

Nevertheless. Did Saint Matia have any idea about his character? For some reason, Ann wanted to push Lugis away from Saint Matia. He was the only thorn of concern for Ann. A thorn that pierced her chest.

“…No, I can’t think like this. It will be my negligence not to tell the Saint about him.”

Ann’s intuition was like a ringing alarm. But, Ann’s faith believed more in her Saint rather than her own intuition. Therefore, Ann had to act like someone with a clear mind, without doing anything too unreasonable or foolish, such as not reporting the facts to Matia, who was her superior.

「Excuse me, Saint Matia. I have something to discuss with you. It concerns the hero Lugis…」

Ann closed the door and informed Matia about what happened to Lugis during the previous night.


Inside the walls of Garoua Maria, the sound of breaking glass echoed high.

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  1. Tiene razón Ann, Lugis tuvo que “tomar las riendas para separar a la esposa legal de la concubina”, y hacer que esas chicas se callen, esa es una buena solución, pero el problema depende de que mujer seria la esposa legal para controlar el harem yandere no se mate entre sí. Es obvio que todas las chicas se odian por celos y obsesión hacia Lugis. Lo ideal seria que amiga de la infancia no sea yandere, seamos honestos cualquier harem que funcione es necesario una esposa legal independiente o amable, debe llevarse bien con todas las mujeres del harem y ser neutral en sus peleas como líder y juez para evitar una lluvia de sangre, yo tendría miedo a estas mujeres yanderes no culpo Lugis, la única esperanza es la amiga de infancia. Para que funcione el HAREM.

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