A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 5 – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Escape Route

Sparks burst through the darkness.

At the same time, the sound of iron echoed high. A fierce battle was taking place in the darkness. Savage voices echoed in the darkness while cutting souls apart.

Two groups of soldiers engaged in this fierce battle. They were about a dozen.

These two groups were fighting for the supremacy of the battle in front of the royal palace. They stood on the so-called escape route that connected the royal palace with the outside world. In other words, the underground passage.

On one side stood the Revolutionary Army led by Eldith. Her soldiers aimed to defeat the leader of their enemy. Their will was strong. On the other side stood the elite soldiers who did their best to protect their Lord Lagias, the Fin of Ghazalia.

The battleground was not that large this time. In the darkness, no one could tell how each side fared in the battlefield. Was it spectacular? Was it hellish?

However, the eyes of the soldiers shined in the dark. An unprecedented level of enthusiasm and euphoria spread as never seen before. Their very own hands could determine the outcome of this war. In fact, these people could be the ones to change history itself.

The darkness engulfed the surroundings. It was hard to tell what was going on. However, the shadows of each soldier disappeared in the darkness one by one.

The numbers were scarce. They were just a few. However, the elite soldiers led by Lagias were the ones undoubtedly gaining the momentum.

That was, of course, natural. Eldith’s soldiers struggled to keep the momentum at the front line. Unfortunately, they could not overthrow Lagias’ soldiers that easily.

Yet, it felt frustrating for the Revolutionary Army, because the enemy leader was within their grasp. Within their reach to defeat him. However, this proved to be difficult to achieve. The soldiers of the Revolutionary Army were just a few, and most of them were exhausted.

If some of the tactics did not work, then all they had to do was, charge forward with their lives and strike the enemy with all they had. These soldiers put their lives on the line. They had to forsake their spirit in order to unleash the savage beast they had inside of their hearts. To relinquish their sense, and fight until the death. Behave like dead soldiers. In order words, raising from the dark floor despite injuries and pain.

On the other hand, Lagias’ soldiers did not want to lose either. They were full of rage. Even Lagias himself had his breath disturbed.

However, he never went directly to the assault. This lord stood behind his elite soldiers, who were willing to break every threatening blade. This moment was crucial for Lagias. The last shimmer of light. Still, Lagias’ elite soldiers were convinced that they could win.

Lagias and his elite soldiers knew that their opponents were just a few. This earned them utmost confidence in the battle. Silver lights glittered in the dark each time the spears and blades clashed with one another. The soldiers who served Eldith had their necks flying one after another.

Amidst the darkness. One…Screams raised in the air, and a strange sound of cutting necks echoed around. Two…The spears twisted and pierced through when they broke the skulls. Finally, three…Lagias’ soldiers tasted a bit of the great victory as they sliced the throats of the enemy with their swinging spears. Fresh blood blew each time a neck flew away.

Relief showed in the minds of the elite soldiers serving Lagias.

Relief because they survived a surprise assault orchestrated by the enemy at the escape route. Relief because they were able to protect their lord, Fin Lagias.

Relief engulfed the soldiers’ mind as they kept slashing their opponents’ necks with the spears.

The lifeless bodies collapsed to the ground without much resistance. It seemed like the end.

Almost the end of the battle. On this very moment, a shadow crawled out of the dead enemy soldiers. Blood splashed again in the hidden underground passage.

I held the treasure sword with my left hand. I noticed that my enemies exhaled relief from their throats.

That relief was their ally.

These soldiers kept striking and turning over. The air pulled as they moved, and several necks were broken again. A horrendous bloodbath covered by the darkness.

After that, they repeated their assault for three consecutive times. We had a clear disadvantage, but I still had hope.

I distorted my cheeks and narrowed my eyes. I noticed that the enemy was agitated, but their bodies were already in a state of disarray.

Ahh, damn it. How could I win without risking my neck? These soldiers were not ordinary soldiers. These soldiers were well trained. Unmistakable elite.

I held my sword with my left hand firmly again, while I clenched my teeth strongly. I saw three shining spears. This glimmer was an ominous light. They exposed their fangs in order to rob me of my blood and flesh.

Unfortunately, the space was narrow and too dark. Those spears aimed for my life. They wanted to get rid of my flesh, no matter what it took them.

Not good. This could be my downfall.

But I mustn’t give up. Not yet. I could counterattack the attack from two spears at least. It was an inevitable price to pay if the third spear hit me. I couldn’t do anything now. How could I avoid this strike? At this moment, I opened my mouth wide and put strength on my legs.

“…Stop the spears with your sword! This is the road on which the great elves passed by. We mustn’t let this path get stained with our blood any more than this.”

A voice echoed in the underground passage.

A voice that resembled a melody as it entangled in my ears. Unmistakably, the Elf Princess. Eldith’s voice echoed in the escape route.

Nevertheless, that was it. Eldith’s illusion could not touch anything or interfere with anything. She could only echo her voice. That was all the princess could do.

However, her voice shook the enemy soldiers holding the three spears that were about to strike me. Two stopped midway as they were surprised, while the other saw this as an opportunity for victory. They probably did not know that the princess used an illusion to be here. She wasn’t exactly here, but they did not know that. These soldiers believed that the victory would fall into their hands if they defeated the princess here and now.

A shiver of excitement crawled through their chest upon realizing this fact.

I used this moment as an opportunity to strike back and survive. I managed to bounce back the threatening spear, and counterattacked the enemy. And with my legs, I moved into a safe position afterwards.

The enemy soldiers were astonishingly out of words upon seeing this attack. Perhaps they thought I would not move out of fear. But, I was not distracted by her voice. And unlike them, I never moved my eyes away from the target. From the lower left side, I drew a line with my sword to cut off the muscles of one of the enemy’s jaw. The trajectory shook, and the tip of my sword reached the enemy’s neck, breaking the jawbone, and consequently, his life.

Now, was not the spear the menacing weapon, but my sword.

The second enemy soldier changed the position of his spear in an attempt to rebuild his posture. However, I used my sword to wipe of his fingertips from the spear. Blood gushed from the fingers as if a red flower bloomed in this path.

The soldier dropped his spear. Despite injured, this soldier crouched down in a reflexive action in order to grab the weapon that fell. However, he could no longer pick it up since his fingers were gone. Was it an instinct as a well-trained warrior?

After this instant, his head got smashed with the handle of my sword at high speed. I felt a very unpleasant sensation penetrating the bones in my hand.

One more.

I could not breathe properly. I felt my physical strength leaving my body. My spirit was worn out. My right arm was severely injured. My body wasn’t in good condition.

To be honest, I wanted someone to praise me for doing well. I managed to cut off two of the enemy soldiers despite being hurt. I felt that I achieved a fine result. I did more than enough considering my current condition.

However, I could not get any praise. After all, what stood in front of my eyes was the remaining enemy soldier, which looked at me with killing intent. He moved forward towards me.

His spear was broken. But, he was so angry that he tried to beat me with his raw strength.

This soldier looked very calm despite his killing intent. Oh please, give me a break. I felt the limits of my body. One bad move and he could break my bones immediately. I would definitely die if I did not think or move wisely.

I felt like dying from my condition, and it felt as if I was giving him my life on a platter. But, that was not the case today. Not yet. I made promises and I had to keep them as a living being, and not as a dead body.

The purple blade from the treasure sword began to shine. I pushed forward without hesitation.

It did not feel like stabbing, but as a thrust. My left shoulder creaked. I was clearly aware that I was overdoing it. I knew that I could not use this movement with my current condition. With a good speed, I managed to pierce accurately the vital point of the enemy.

“…Are you an idiot? You truly lack the essence of a true fighter with those sloppy skills.”

“Her” words resonated in my mind. Well, I guess I tried to imitate “her” a little even though I did it hastily.

Of course, I could not do it as properly as Caria’s thrust skill.

All it took was a quick flash. At the same time, a tremendous amount of blood splashed down the path. My sword struck into the mouth of the enemy soldier and penetrated it through his spine.

I bit my lips and endured my pain. However, I took a deep breath of relief. I was a mediocre person, and I had no time to relax.

The sound of clashing swords and savage voices stopped in the underground passage. Only silence emerged. An abrupt laughter echoed high afterwards.

I did not laugh, of course. In fact, it was Eldith’s laugh. It seemed that I proved that our side could manage to put up a fight. Only one group was meant to survive in this dark escape route.

「…Oh, so it is you, I see. I never thought that you would make a decision such as this surprise assault. You seem to have grown, my dear niece.」

「…Long time no see, uncle.」

A distorted smile that carved the deep wrinkles on its face. A deeper laugh.

The leader of the enemy group finally stepped into the front line. The enemy named Fin Lagias.

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