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Hi all of you lovely cupcakes!
Quite the bittersweet milestone that we have reached, soon we will catch up to the raws of “This Hero is invincible but too cautious” (we are about 4-6 chapter parts away) we will re-adjust the release schedule, but worry not we will still be bringing you this series as soon as the raws are released.
As you already know by now we have been releasing 3 series on a weekly and monthly basis with “This Hero is invincible but too cautious” and “A wish to grab happiness” being released weekly, and “Cultivating Monsters” monthly.
Starting from November the schedule is going to look like this:
  • Wednesdays: “Cultivating Monsters”
  • Fridays: “This Hero is invincible but too cautious” – Every time the author releases a chapter we will translate and release it, if not we will release another chapter of “A wish to grab happiness”
  • Sundays: “A wish to grab happiness”
For now this is how it will look like, we are currently checking out another novel that we could pick up, but the Translator-Sama needs to get a feel for it (read it and see if she likes it ;P) so for the meanwhile we will focus on the series we are already translating with the ultimate goal of catching up to all the raw chapters.
We appreciate your support, and couldn’t have reached this milestone without you, thank you again for your love and support.
If you have any novel suggestions you can let us know, we cannot promise that we will pick up your suggestions, but the translator-same can promise that she will read the raw chapters of your novel suggestions and seriously consider it.
Stay awesome, stay cautious and stay safe!

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  1. Does the schedule change impact free releases as well, or just patreon-only for now? (considering that free releases of the cautious hero are behind by a couple months)?

    • Dear reader, It will impact the free releases as well. When we catch up with the raws, we will publish new chapters every time the author releases new raw chapters. This means for both patreon and free releases.

  2. Magias Blade/Isekai Kenshi no Kagaku Toshi Shoukanki

    I dont know if it Was already translated, but it seems to have a good plot:

    *Magic swordsman Christophe Arctica of the St Domitonia Principality is suddenly transported from the battlefields of his fantasy homeworld to a 21st century world of skyscrapers and tech-based magic. Kept under the observation of Attack Programmer Aisora Touwa, member of the city’s defensive Guardian organization, he must adjust between knowing peace for the 1st time, finding a way back, and battling the presences that threaten to befall this scientific city…*

  3. aren’t the raw of cautious hero released till 5th or 6th volume ??????? which means about 200 more chapters???

    • Dear reader. The Kakuyomu version of Cautious Hero (web novel) is currently in the beginning/mid-way of the 4th Volume (Twisted Exfolia arc). I do not know where did you get that information from, but even the light novel isn’t that far. As far as I can see, the light novel keeps the same pace as the web novel.

      I think you are confusing yourself. Volumes 1 and 2 of the light novel are Volume 1 of the web novel. Volumes 3, 4 and 5 of the light novel are Volume 2 of the web novel, and so on. Chapters in the web novel are extensive, therefore, they were released by parts in the light novel.

      Summing up, we are catching up with the raws of cautious hero, both in the web novel and light novel.

      • Interesting. So the web novel was like the kind of amateur story you would find at Fanfiction or ArchiveOfOurOwn, and then the light novel was its serialization?

      • Dear reader. Yes, the light novel is the serialization of the web novel. I think there are length rules when it comes to the releases of volumes. That’s why, for example, the Geabrande arc was split in half for the release in the light novel. As for the web novel, Kakuyomu is an official japanese website for web novel releases, though I’m not sure if it really counts amateur works.

  4. Thank you for your hard work, please keep up until the end. The novel I recommend is stranger’s handbook or my death flags show no sign of ending. wish you the best.

    • Thank you for your suggestions dear reader. I looked them up, but I ended up picking a different series. You can check it out now. We’ve updated 3 chapters, from 0 to 2. I hope you enjoy it.

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