A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 4 – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Suspicion and Trust


A loud sound echoed in my ears and quivered my brain.

It was exactly that monkey’s scream.

The surrounding beasts fled long ago, and those who couldn’t escape had already died.

The sound resembled the high-pitched growl of a stomach. The sound was so piercing that seemed as if a chicken was strangled. That beast resembling a large monkey, screamed aloud from the large cavity at the belly. It was hard to say, but that monkey was no longer a living thing. Therefore, it was categorized as a demon beast.

However, now, we were faced with two irreversible options. Whether to escape or whether to confront it.

That loud growl was daunting. It felt like an obvious threat. That demon beast clearly had a murderous intent. It looked at its prey to see if it would escape or not. Actually, it didn’t matter much if the prey fled or not. It made no difference to the demon beast. In fact, I knew that its habit was to enjoy the thrills of a hunt.

That said, there was probably no other choice but to go through the demon beast’s territory.

「…So, Lugis. Can we shoot that thing down? How much of a threat is it? I feel like that beast is a menace to us. It might try to eat us if it feels hungry.」

Filaret muttered while condensing the magic power at the tip of her finger.

Seeing the wrinkles in her forehead, her nervous reaction was probably caused by the loud sound of the demon beast monkey. She was probably startled. She was in a very bad mood when she woke up. It was as if she had lived a cave dweller’s life.

The black sharpened eyes looked fixedly at the demon beast monkey as she tried to invoke a whirlpool of magic in order to kill it. Her bad mood made her act rashly without a clear head.

「Hey you, wait a second. A poor Sorceress like you will only make things worse. I think that one with experience shall be the one to do it. I confronted a similar type in the past, so can you step aside and let me do it instead, huh?」

“In the past”, she said. Was she referring to that demon beast that resembled a large boar? She spoke as if she was the only one involved in that fight.

Caria told Filaret to stay away from this situation. She spoke as if she was proud of herself. As if, she was the one capable of killing that beast. A mass of magic erupted from Filaret’s finger. I felt that Filaret’s aim turned towards Caria.

She won’t listen to Caria’s words no matter what, and Caria just looked intensively at Filaret after demanding her to back off. I felt that my heart beat a little faster.

Just recently, I began to notice that this situation was somehow strange. With Caria, of course, but also with Filaret.

There was an obvious friction between those two. There was some meaning behind their actions but they dared not to talk about it. I could guess what that hatred was all about. I felt that my pathos was starting to sprout.

Caria had a burning obsession. While Filaret had an unyielding dependence. I thought that these were the reasons behind such friction.

There was no doubt that their feelings of hatred were due to my existence. Should I feel joy knowing that those feelings were poured into this body? No, I mustn’t rejoice at this. I clearly understood that I shouldn’t be swayed by this illusion. I had to force my cheeks to remain calm so that they won’t be distorted. Both of them were witches who once trampled and committed great violence against me.

I felt like a shameful fool. I tried to ignore the current feelings of the people who despised me before, and yet, those feelings swayed at the core of my heart.

Ah, even so. My body rejoiced at this even though my mind didn’t.

I did understand that this was absurd. In the past, Caria spitted on me, while Filaret completely ignored my existence.

However. Yes, an ordinary man like me felt joy upon receiving the favor of these two women. I couldn’t help, but feel pleasure from this. Yet, it couldn’t be possible. I was just the same old me. I was just an ordinary man.

…Ah, but, even so. Recently, I felt something strange about this turn of events.

Did I ever see Caria’s burning obsession and Filaret La Volgograd’s unyielding dependence on the same person that made them try to ruin each other?

I didn’t. At least, I had never seen this occurrence on my previous journey.

Then, I suddenly realized. I had been thinking wrongly. My head was elsewhere. We were facing an obstacle that could be dangerous for us all. This was not the time to think of useless things.

How idiotic of me. All I had to do was take the next step. Summing up, bring myself to the front in order to gain recognition. After I shook my thoughts away, I spoke with Matia as I stood up. What I wanted to convey was a way to shake off the demon monkey from our way.

「Saint. How if we give it a bottle of wine? It might feel pleased and leave amicably.」

That’s right. I spoke those unlikely words with a carefree tone while pointing at the wine in the back of the carriage.

That wine from Garoua Maria was originally brought to be presented to the elven King. The wine inside the unopened barrel was a fine wine with no sour taste. There was no doubt that such a wine could do wonders and be our savior.

Nonetheless, Matia’s serene expression disappeared upon hearing my words. She wrinkled her eyebrows, her cheeks began to tremble, and her face became slightly red. For a moment, her hidden emotions emerged from the bottom of her petrified heart.

「…I was wrong to give you a little recognition! You are a fool that tries to abuse the mere position that was given to you! This is not the right time to say stupid things…!」

She opened the palm of her hands widely and pushed her emotions out of her mouth. A little sweat flowed from her forehead.

After all, I was a stranger that became part of the Heraldic Order quite suddenly. She stared furiously at me. Actually, I thought that I was going to receive a cold-hearted response from her. Contrary to her calculations, she seemed to be the type to expose her raging emotions.

「I understand, and I’m sorry for expressing an absurd idea. But, it was not a joke. You must give it that wine. That’s the best option now.」

I noticed that Matia’s expression calmed down a little when she pulled back her hand. I tried to explain my idea with word by word.

「That demon monkey is a strangely greedy type of monster. When they attack humans, they follow them and try to imitate our hunting. Moreover, this monster-type seems to enjoy the favorite items of their preys, including those of humans. That’s why that monster will gladly accept it because that’s what humans drink with delight…」

「…Accept wine, you say? 」

Filaret replied with those words when she heard me talk. Her expression seemed to be filled with questions, including the one that “how does he know such a thing”.

「But, that’s an undiscovered monster. How do you know about it? Hmm?」

Filaret questioned my knowledge. It was understandable, since I had the knowledge about something unknown. Caria also questioned me once. I couldn’t let nor afford them to keep doubting me. This could turn into a mountain of questions and doubts. Matia also had the color of doubt in her eyes.

This was bad. I was stuck. I didn’t find any words to answer. If I didn’t convince them now, one of us could be a sacrifice for that demon monkey. Be it either one of the escort knights or me.

They were all intelligent women. I couldn’t just roll my tongue and spit some nonsense out just for them to believe in me. I won’t be able to trick them with just a lowly reasoning.

What should I say? Then, before I could answer to that question, someone else’s voice echoed on my earlobes.

「I don’t care what everyone thinks…You know, Lugis. I believe you. I think you’re right.」

Today, she seemed to be in a very good mood. Caria spoke with a confident tone while she shook her silvery hair divided into two ponytails.

「I don’t have any basis, nor do I know the reason why. But, he knew the characteristics of a new-type of demon beast that I confronted a while ago. So, I don’t doubt his words. How about you, Sorceress?」

I could see that Caria’s silver eyes narrowed down and stared attentively at Filaret. I thought that that was a nasty question. A strange feeling stroked my chest again.

Filaret sharpened her lips and opened her large eyes. First, she stared at Caria’s gaze and looked at me afterwards.

What did I do to deserve this? I didn’t do anything wrong. Neither of them gave me room for excuses. Then, Filaret slowly opened her mouth to respond to Caria’s question. An oozing emotion was colored in her voice.

「…Yeah, all right. I fully understand it. It’s not that I don’t believe him…Anyway, you can explain it to me later on, Lugis!」

Filaret spoke hastily as she suppressed the obvious liquid from the corner of her eyes.

Unexpectedly, I opened my eyes astonishingly and nodded immediately as if this weird momentum pushed me through it. My shoulders even shuddered upon witnessing such a scene. I was extremely overwhelmed. It was unfamiliar to me to see the woman named Filaret acting desperate and showing nervous emotions like this. I was shocked because I knew her previous behavior from my the past journey. That’s why I was extra shocked.

But, for better or worse, Filaret agreed with my plan.

Then, only the Saint remained. When I looked up, I saw the Saint’s gaze. Her expression was still stunned, yet enraged. I didn’t want to admit it, but I could suggest why she looked at me with such eyes.

She clearly hated me that much. I confirmed that from last night’s words. Her tone was too explicit, as if she were forcibly sucking something out of my chest. I knew those feelings very well from my past journey.

Still, regardless of hate or like, we had to make a decision soon. The pressure and threat of that demon monkey had gradually increased. That menace was the signal that it had the preys in its hand. Its instinct was disappearing and beginning to replace with the habit of enjoying hunting.

The sound of hooves rattled around.

「…Lady Saint. I didn’t find another option for us to go with the carriage. There’s no other way but to push from here!」

The words of the escort knight, who searched for a different path, echoed aloud. That was probably the last push.

「…Okay. Hero…no, actually, Lugis. I accept your plan. Get ready now. 」

Matia’s crystal-clear voice was quietly heard from inside the carriage.

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  1. At least he’s not dense and understand Filaret’s extreme dependence on him and Caria’s equally extreme obsession. I was worried for a moment that he would stay ignorant of the situation, but I’m glad it’s not. I much rather prefer this situation where he has conflicted feelings about his relationship with them from his previous life in contrast to his relationship with them inthe present. And he chooses to ignore their feelings for now not because he wants to maintain the status quo, but because they’re distracting thoughts from his current goal and focus.

    I’m glad I caught up with this story! Can’t wait to see how it progresses!

    • Thank you for your positive reply. This series is not for everybody’s taste. In fact , it gets mixed reviews because people thought that he would change his past immediately. Yet, this approach sounds more realistic, since it portrays the main character’s struggles rather than just success. It is still a very difficult novel to translate (unlike Hero), but we will keep doing our best.

      • I think people just don’t understand/accept the very core of the story: the guy already did all he could, he actually went down the best path seemingly available to him (being in the hero’s party) but he simply wasn’t good enough (and it’s not a misunderstanding, even the sword said so), making his life a living hell. So he obviously doesn’t know any easy way to do better even if he tries again (in the first place he didn’t even want to) and he will definetly not choose the ‘let’s train some more’ path since he’s not braindead. Furthermore, people complain about him not trying to change himself ignoring the fact that just by going back to the past he’s already changed quite a lot: since he doesn’t care anymore, this time around he doesn’t let people push him around as they please, he actually takes bold steps and don’t let himself get impressed by social standings. He also knows his strenghts and weaknesses and makes proper choices. Plus, he’s able to get past his traumas (mostly) and properly looks at people for who they are, not being completely obsessed with revenge. He is basically walking down a totally new path since chapter 2…
        Anyway, I truly love this story so far because the pace is good and the development is realistic and well-balanced. Even the OP characters are not abusively OP. So, thanks again for the chapter and for translating this series!

      • I think most people are used to main characters who don’t fail that much. That’s understandable. It’s the way most creators portray their characters, such as Luffy, Meliodas, Naruto, Kurosaki Ichigo, Son Goku, or Saitaima from One-Punch Man. Heroes who are powerful and invincible. There’s high standards when it comes to main characters. I do understand that part. It’s easier to like characters who are strong, successful and conquers all. I do like them as well.

        But this series is different. The main character goes a totally different route, and has to experience hurdles and failures in order to keep on living. And you pointed many important aspects of this series. Thank You.

        I think I should compare this to Re:Zero. The main characters has many failed attempts, suffers from depression, has lots of trouble coping up with the consequences of his actions. I guess Subaru and Lugis are somewhat similar to one another. Except that Lugis has too much hatred on his heart. While Subaru is more innocent and kind. But, I do find many similarities between them.

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        thing is it’s always the same thing (lol)
        i’m actually surprised they aren’t tired of it

    • I wanna open palm slap this wannabe saint. She’s a weak little figure head that acts like she’s someone important. She has the heart and brain of a 6 year old. Stop acting like he should care about your petty recognition or his position in your little cult. He’s only there cause your dumbass strong armed him into joining, if you don’t recall. And don’t act like you have a better plan cause you don’t.

  2. He actually wants to get on the monster’s good side with wine… ^^
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. The Saint probably fell for Lugis when he saved her, which her being unaccustomed to raw emotions like love lashes out when in his presence (the red cheeks). This kind of mirrors Ariene’s struggle to suppress her emotions in the Cathedral. It would be interesting to see the foil between the two with Lugis with Matia and not Ariene to see what changes his presence will make in their development as humans with free wills.

    Caria and Lilaret never actually fell for Helot in the first timeline from what Lugis is realizing. At least he’s not dense.

    LOL I am just imagining a drunk Rajang from MHW.

    • If they never fell for the hero in the first timeline, it doesnt explain why they in turn visited the hero at night then

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